Serues Cup – “F” Division of the Men’s College Squash Association Team Championships

In the men’s National Team Championships, teams in the “F” division compete for the Serues Cup.

The Serues Cup is named for Edward Serues, who coached men’s squash at Amherst from 1957 to 1987. Serues developed a strong program at Amherst and also helped develop successful individual players, like Tom Poor, who reached the finals of the national intercollegiate individual tournament. Serues also coached tennis at Amherst and was an accomplished tennis player in his own right, competing — and winning — well into his seventies. But for Serues, coaching came first; in retirement in Florida, he gave up the winter tennis season to coach a local high school team. Not surprisingly, several of his squash players went on to become successful coaches, like Tom Rumpler, who received the Men’s College Sqaush Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Serues himself received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 and was inducted into the Men’s College Squash Hall of Fame in 1991.


  • 2008: Georgetown University*
  • 2009: Kenyon College* (John Knepper)
  • 2010: Vanderbilt University*
  • 2011: Bucknell University*
  • 2012: Haverford College (Niki Clement)
  • 2013: New York University* (Tony Maruca)
  • 2014: Washington University in St. Louis*
  • 2015: Boston College*
  • 2016: Northeastern University*
  • 2017: University of Richmond*

*Club Program