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Mount Holyoke College Women: 2022-2023 Season Preview

Mount Holyoke College Lyons

2022-2023 Season Preview 

  • Mount Holyoke team leader, role model and Betty Richey Award finalist, Mihiliya Kalahe, has now graduated leaving a significant hole at the top of head coach Erin’s Robson’s lineup.
  • That loss, along with the graduation of other starting players, provides opportunities for new players to step up and show their leadership and potential.
  • Coach Robson will rely on the strength of her team’s culture and camaraderie to propel the team to success this season.

Head Coach: Erin Robson
Assistant Coach: Cameron Shepard

Women’s Team Captains: Elba Barra Montgomery, Janiqua Davis and Dnyaneshwari Haware

Women’s Team Roster
Habiba Abouelatta
Elba Barra Montgomery
Kyla Core
Janiqua Davis
Xaria Durocher
Paige Gershuny
Dnyaneshwari Haware
Tina Mei
Ku Paw
Cydney Socias
Olivia Van Vroenhoven

Women’s Team Goal: To build on our experiences from last season to improve our performance in our big matches
Women’s Key Matches: Bard, Denison, Haverford, Conn College, Vassar

Quote from Coach:We are excited to see how our new players will impact the team! Everyone is committed to working hard to improve on and off court”.