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Denison University: 2022-2023 Season Preview

Denison University Big Red

2022-2023 Season Preview 

  • Newly-hired head coach Mike MacDonald will be working overtime to get to know his new players and set a path for a successful first season at his alma mater.
  • Denison’s first season with varsity squash teams was a success last year, a result that they will look to build on in Year 2.
  • The women’s team missed out on the team championships due to weather complications in 2022, so reaching the Top 30 and playing in the championship will be a main goal.
  • Both teams’ first sets of varsity recruits will start to have meaningful impacts on the program as they settle to a new team culture.

Head Coach: Mike MacDonald

Women’s Team Captains: Jaz’mene Little, Lindsey Cruikshank and Natalie Stanchina
Men’s Team Captains: Tarun Mammen and Huma Bekhiet

Women’s Team Roster:
Hannah Best
Frances Bailey deTuro
Paige Feeney
Ava Goodwin
Lane Harding
Jaz’mene Little
Kate Manderlink
Coco Ogden
Clara Maria Ramirez
Antoinette Ramsey
Charlotte Sigg
Chloe Sigg
Natalie Stanchina

Women’s Team Goal: Our women are poised to make a push into the top 30 this year. We have a great group of senior leading with experience and some incoming first years to help build out the depth
Women’s Key Matches: Georgetown, Chatham, Conn College, Wesleyan, Haverford

Men’s Team Roster
Joao Victor Barbosa Gomes
Ibrahim Bekhiet
Rayan Dar
Ross Falcon
Juan Felipe Hernandez
James Maher
Tarun Mammen
Gus Nelson
Lucas Piller

Men’s Team Goal: Our men are looking to improve off of last year’s successes. With an emphasis on fitness, we hope to move up the rankings as we focus on some key matchups this season
Men’s Key Matches: Fordham, Brown, Wesleyan, Haverford

Quote from Coach: As we head into the second full season as a varsity program, there is a drive to improve on the foundation from previous years. It is an exciting time to be part of this program and both teams are putting in the time to make sure they are ready”.