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US Squash and College Squash Association Announce Alliance

US Squash and the College Squash Association (CSA) announced plans for a historic alignment to advance and grow intercollegiate squash in the United States. Expected to be effective later this fall, the CSA will become an independently-managed subsidiary of US Squash, a new corporate structure that will formally affiliate squash’s national governing body and its collegiate governing body, creating a united pathway to sustained success for squash on campus and robust growth for squash overall.

“College squash is a central and critical part of the squash experience in the U.S.,” noted Kevin Klipstein, President & CEO of US Squash in making the announcement. “Reducing all barriers to working closely with CSA for the long term will make each organization more effective. As junior squash continues to grow, opportunities to compete at the collegiate level need to as well. Colleges and universities also have some of the largest facilities in the country, and the more people who are introduced to squash during college, whether casually, intramurally, club or otherwise benefits everyone. I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to increase our already close collaboration with CSA, and to have the Specter Center also formally be the home of college squash just makes sense.”

“College squash—with its inclusive nature, talented student-athletes, unique team format, and accompanying passion of school pride—is a shining light in the squash community,” added David Poolman, CSA Executive Director and League Commissioner. “We have benefitted from US Squash’s leadership and assistance over the past decade, and we are very enthusiastic about what lies ahead through our formal partnership. We are confident that a vibrant college squash scene helps ensure the future of the sport.”

Growing collegiate squash is one core pillar of US Squash’s forward plan and overarching long-term strategy. Specifically, US Squash has committed to supporting the further development of squash on campus and partnering closely with CSA to increase the number of college varsity teams by 30%, grow emerging and club programs by 100%, and help secure NCAA affiliation. This new arrangement will accelerate these goals through increased collaboration, more efficient utilization of resources, and professionalized and targeted fundraising strategies. Through this effort, US Squash and CSA will embark on an exciting next chapter for collegiate squash, one defined by growth, access, and excellence across college campuses nationwide.

US Squash has provided vital support to CSA for over ten years and has served as its fiscal sponsor since 2017 when the CSA was formally incorporated. As has been the case since 2017, CSA’s governing board will continue to independently oversee the organization, setting its strategic plan, establishing and monitoring rules of play, and managing the CSA brand.

Each organization will nominate an individual to serve on the other’s respective Board of Directors to ensure ongoing and mutual representation in the governance structure. Poolman will be welcomed onto US Squash’s management team, working closely with Klipstein, and will continue to oversee all CSA’s day-to-day operations.

The Boards of Directors of US Squash and CSA both met at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center this week during the U.S. Open Squash Championships to formalize the joint path forward. This US Squash-CSA alliance demonstrates the momentum building behind a unified vision focused on the sport’s growth at every level and highlights an exciting year ahead. The 100th season of intercollegiate team squash commences this fall, a milestone CSA and US Squash will be celebrating throughout this academic year. In addition, squash competition in college is compelling at all levels—junior players aspire to thrive in the college squash experience, current players continue to set standards of excellence, new players learn to play every year, and CSA alumni are making their mark in the professional game. US Squash and CSA are energized to launch the next century of college squash together.


About the College Squash Association

The College Squash Association is the official governing body for intercollegiate squash in the United States. CSA membership includes 66 varsity teams—32 women’s teams and 34 men’s teams—and approximately 60 women’s, men’s, and co-ed club teams. Harvard University is the defending National Collegiate Women’s and Men’s Team Champions, while the Georgetown University men and Boston College women won the inaugural National Club Team Championships last season. Cornell University’s Sivasangari Subramaniam and Harvard University’s Victor Crouin won the National Collegiate Individual Championships in 2022.

CSA’s mission is to foster national intercollegiate squash competition in service to elevating the values of sportsmanship, integrity and fair-play for all student-athletes, coaches, and their affiliated institutions, encouraging academic excellence and increasing the opportunities to play college squash.

About US Squash

US Squash is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which serves as the only national governing body and membership organization for the sport in the United States. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in New York City, it is a member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the Pan American Squash Federation and the World Squash Federation.

US Squash’s mission is to lead squash’s growth and development by increasing access and awareness, supporting meaningful lifelong engagement in the sport, and encouraging sportsmanship while achieving competitive excellence at the highest levels.

US Squash’s vision is to be the best national sports governing body in the United States. In pursuing this aspiration, we envision people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds across the country enjoying squash, playing the game with a positive spirit, and participating in programs that foster camaraderie, facilitate competition, and encourage healthy lifestyles. We create and promote opportunities to become part of an ever-broadening squash community, one widely known to value excellence, diversity, fair-play and sportsmanship. We continually invest in the development of the sport to sustain growth, broaden access, and we embrace innovation. We support teaching professionals and coaches in their effort to engage and mentor players during their lifelong involvement in the sport. We operate the world’s preeminent squash facility serving as a national center of excellence and provide all the resources required to train and coach elite athletes who excel in competition and proudly represent their country.