CSA Announces 2021-2022 Scholar-Athletes


The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced the Women’s and Men’s Scholar-Athlete honorees for the 2021-2022 season.

The Scholar-Athlete Award was granted this season to varsity juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, earned at least two varsity letters, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top 10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution. For full criteria, please see here.

CSA Scholar-Athletes embody the values of the association – achieving a high level of play on court while excelling in the classroom. This year, Brown University had the most CSA Scholar-Athletes. Between the Men’s and Women’s team, Brown had a total of 14 Scholar-Athletes.

The CSA congratulates all of this year’s recipients!

2021-2022 Men’s CSA Scholar-Athletes:

Andrew Leung Amherst College
Charles Sutherby Amherst College
Marty Graham Bard College
Alex Luscher Bard College
Peter Koenigsbauer Bates College
Jesper Phillips Bates College
Carson Claar Bowdoin College
Jack Milligan Bowdoin College
Adham Sobhy Bowdoin College
Henry Somerby Bowdoin College
Ahmed Chotoo Amin Brown University
Liam Bai Brown University
Jacob Good Brown University
Declan McCarthy Brown University
Brown University
Brown University
Abdul Malik Khan Chatham University
Vinicius Muniz Chatham University
Mohamed Sadek Chatham University
Dylan Tymkiw Colby College
Jack Vanderhorst Colby College
Duda Voldman Colby College
Justin Ghaeli Columbia University
Callan Hall Columbia University
Chaitanya Shah Columbia University
Billy Fleurima Connecticut College
MD Jawad Connecticut College
Tyler Maguire Connecticut College
Luigi Pasquariello Connecticut College
Nicholas Goth Errington Cornell University
Nikhil Iyer Cornell University
Humza Khan Cornell University
James Bell Dartmouth College
Jason Montima Dartmouth College
Patrick Noonan Dickinson College
Shaan Dalal Drexel University
Filip Krueger Drexel University
Lucas Rousselet Drexel University
Justin George Fordham University
Aryan Parekh Franklin & Marshall College
Adam Corcoran Harvard University
Victor Crouin Harvard University
John Finley Ong Harvard University
Samuel Scherl Harvard University
Quinton Crawford Haverford College
Alden Weinberg Haverford College
Aaron Witkin Haverford College
Eli Kramer Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Keith Lamp Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stuart Rucker Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aman Sanger Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert Williamson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Theodore Best Middlebury College
Oliver Leeds Middlebury College
Nate Moll Middlebury College
Alex Stimpson Middlebury College
Cole Becker Princeton University
Howe Cheng Princeton University
Duncan Joyce Princeton University
Miko Äijänen Trinity College
Julius Benthin Trinity College
Dillon O’Shea Tufts University
Shloke Sahay Tufts University
Kunal Valia Tufts University
Saksham Choudhary University of Pennsylvania
James Flynn University of Pennsylvania
Tyler Mackesy University of Virginia
Reese Collins Vassar College
William Condon Vassar College
Sameer Mustafa Vassar College
Max Swan Vassar College
John Sutherby Wesleyan University
Udai Pal Williams College
Nadav Raziel Yale University


2021-2022 Women’s CSA Scholar-Athletes: 

Keeley Osborn Amherst College
Daksha Pathak Amherst College
Lilly Soroko Amherst College
Lauren Weil Amherst College
Pam Jaramillo Bard College
Jackie Lerman Bard College
Cameron Orr Bard College
Natalie Bachman Bates College
Cordelia Dotson Bates College
Natasha Jones Bates College
Erika Parker Bates College
Sophie Barber Bowdoin College
Clio Bersani Bowdoin College
Caroline Glaser Bowdoin College
Melissa Horan Bowdoin College
Danielle Benstock Brown University
Abigail Dichter Brown University
Katherine Dowling Brown University
Isabella Kearns Brown University
Alyssa Kuwana Brown University
Esha Lakhotia Brown University
Naomi Shammash Brown University
Sara Syed Brown University
Marissa Tam Brown University
Greta Drefke Colby College
Stephanie Keane Colby College
Cynthia Cao Columbia University
Bunny Fox Columbia University
Elizabeth Lentz Columbia University
Ellie McVeigh Columbia University
Angela Cao Connecticut College
Birgitta Salvesen-Quinn Connecticut College
Liliana Vazquez Connecticut College
Sydney Bednar Cornell University
Mia Krishnamurthy Cornell University
Ania LaDow Cornell University
McKenna Stoltz Cornell University
Sivasangari Subramaniam Cornell University
Lily Zelov Cornell University
Claire Aube Dartmouth College
Jesse Brownell Dartmouth College
Darden Gildea Dartmouth College
Emma MacTaggart Dartmouth College
Neeya Patel Dartmouth College
Elizabeth Howerton Dickinson College
Lindsay Kuracina Dickinson College
Doxey Loupassi Dickinson College
Eloise Nimoityn Dickinson College
Alina Bushma Drexel University
Ciara Richards Drexel University
Hatti Specter Drexel University
Emily Knapp Franklin & Marshall College
Zoe Quayle Franklin & Marshall College
Sarah Conner Georgetown University
Grace Feagin Georgetown University
Minna Holleck Georgetown University
Julia Sachman Georgetown University
Nina Thomas Georgetown University
Eleanor Arnold Hamilton College
Madison Sakheim Hamilton College
Eleanor Struthers Hamilton College
Evie Coxon Harvard University
Hana Moataz Harvard University
Charlotte Orcutt Harvard University
Grace Steelman Harvard University
Brittany Sun Harvard University
Isabelle Johnson Haverford College
Shreya Singh Haverford College
Maisie Smith Haverford College
Caroline Smith Haverford College
Lyvia Yan Haverford College
Emilia Zegers Matthews Haverford College
Caroline Arena Middlebury College
Gwen Davis Middlebury College
Ideal Dowling Middlebury College
Eliza King Freedman Middlebury College
Grace Santoro Middlebury College
Elena Frogameni Mount Holyoke College
Dnyaneshwari Haware Mount Holyoke College
Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige Mount Holyoke College
Navmi Sharma University of Pennsylvania
Ashley Manning University of Pennsylvania
Eujung Park University of Pennsylvania
Amina Tamer University of Pennsylvania
Emme Leonard Princeton University
Emily Rose Princeton University
Elle Ruggiero Princeton University
Makyla Kelley St. Lawrence University
Sanna Koivumaki St. Lawrence University
Elena Wagenmans Stanford University
Nanna Carleke Trinity College
Amina Taher Trinity College
Nadiia Usenko Trinity College
Megan Chen Tufts University
Isabella Schneider Tufts University
Caroline Baldwin University of Virginia
University of Virginia
University of Virginia
Sydney Maxwell University of Virginia
Maria Moya University of Virginia
Claire Coss Vassar College
Nicole Pihlstrom Vassar College
Annie Roach Wesleyan University
Sydney Kim Wesleyan University
Emma Smith Wesleyan University
Erin Griffis William Smith College
Kathryn Wright Williams College
Alex Pear Williams College
Haley Jefferson Williams College
Quan Ng Williams College
Mira Kamat Williams College
Isabel Kelly Williams College
Brianna Jefferson Yale University
Ainsley Weber Yale University