Vassar College: 2021-2022 Season Preview


Vassar College Brewers


  • Vassar College returns to play this season with David Ames again at the helm as head coach.
  • Both teams will be focused on improving their play and translating strong team culture into success on the court.
  • Vassar players who are new to college competition will play a big role early in the season with several matches for each team starting this coming weekend.

Head Coach:  David Ames

Women’s Team Captains:  Claire Coss, Caitlin Lewis
Men’s Team Captains:  Reese Collins, Alex Wisneski

Women’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Claire Coss, Claire Weiss, Nicole Pihlstrom, Odie Berkson, Caitlin Lewis
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Sydney Nemphos, Samantha Henderson, Amanda Watson, Isabel Bronson, Alexa Elias
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Emma Adams, Sophia Choudri, Sehar Dey-Kohli, Liv Kane, Remi Kauderer, Dariana Kulaha, Anna Lee

Men’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Sameer Mustafa, Henry Mitchell, Alex Wisneski, Reese Collins, Max Swan, Liam Condon, Josh Finkelstein
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Milind Joshi, Matthew Hein, Jonah Miles, Andrew Solender
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Jarid Haslinger, Rithik Jalali, Patrick Looby, Azaan Malik

Teams’ Goal:  To move up in the college rankings.

Women’s Key Matches: Northeastern, Conn College, Haverford, Mount Holyoke
Men’s Key Matches: Fordham, Georgetown, Boston University, Haverford

Coach’s Quote: “Play hard, get better, and have fun.”

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