Mount Holyoke College Women: 2021-2022 Season Preview


Mount Holyoke College Lyons


  • Head Coach Erin Robson had several key contributors graduate over the last two academic years which has turned 2021-2022 into a rebuilding year.
  • Fortunately, she has a great model in No. 1 player Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige, a senior captain and team leader who has fallen just short of All-America accolades in previous seasons.
  • January contests with Conn College, Haverford, and varsity debutants Chatham will be highlighted on the calendar for Mount Holyoke.

Head Coach:  Erin Robson
Assistant Coach:  Andres Gutierrez

Team Captains:  Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige, Giselle Cabrera, Melissa Marquez

Women’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige, Giselle Cabrera, Janiqua Davis, Elba Barra Montgomery, Melissa Marquez
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Jennifer Mbah, Kuzivakwashe Madungwe, Genesis Lara Granados, Emma Robson, Nicole Lara Granados, Anna Braman, Jing Xu
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Kyla Core, Xaria Durocher, Elena Frogameni, Paige Gershuny, Dnyaneshwari Haware, Hannah Keochakian, Avni Wadhwani

Team Goal:  To stay healthy as we enjoy getting back into competition after a year apart!

Key Matches:  Haverford, Chatham, Conn College

Coach’s Quote: “My expectation for this season is that we will all contribute to creating an environment where everyone on the team is challenged and supported to reach individual and team goals.”

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