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Denison University: 2021-2022 Season Preview

Denison University Big Red


  • Denison embarks on its first full season with varsity programs under the direction of Head Coach Pam Anckermann, who was instrumental in helping transition the teams from club status.
  • The women’s team have added six new players to their roster to bolster their foray into varsity play and immediately increase the competitiveness of the team.
  • The men have a core set of returners plus three new additions who will battle some more established varsity programs for a Top-32 ranking.

Head Coach:  Pam Anckermann

Women’s Team Captains:  Lindsey Cruikshank, Maddie Kaufman, Chloe Sigg
Men’s Team Captains:  Max Mehm, Reece Quigley

Women’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Lindsey Cruikshank, Jaz’mene Little, Natalie Stanchina, Chloe Sigg, Maddie Kaufman, Raqiyah Morrow
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Coco Ogden, Paige Duffy, Zoe Pearce, Sarah Spire, Katie Lotane
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Bailey deTuro, Paige Feeney, Kaylee Hunt, Antoinette Ramsey, Charlotte Sigg, Nay Woodley

Men’s Team Roster Updates
Returning Players
:  Abdallah Bekhiet, Ibrahim Bekhiet, Mario Reifschneider, Reece Quigley, Max Mehm, Michael Chin Lee, Mark Taylor
Graduated/Non-Returning Starting Players:  Isaiah Miller, Henry Rosenberg, Michael Ferrick, Graham Poole
Additions to 2021-2022 Roster:  Lucas Piller, João Gomes, Rayan Dar

Teams’ Goal:  Continue to grow as a well established varsity program

Women’s Key Matches: Chatham, Boston University, Haverford, Bucknell
Men’s Key Matches: Fordham, Conn College, Haverford

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