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CSA Statement After Stanford University Drops Varsity Women’s Squash

Stanford women’s squash won the Chaffee Award for Team Sportsmanship in 2019 while finishing the season ranked 3rd in the country (photo: Michael T. Bello)

The College Squash Association is disappointed in Stanford University’s recent announcement discontinuing women’s squash as a varsity program after the 2020-2021 academic year, which came as part of a reduction that demotes 11 sports from varsity status. The CSA stands with the squash team members, coaches, recruits, families and program stakeholders who are directly affected by this decision as they navigate this tumultuous time.

After finishing as high as third in the country two seasons ago and achieving financial independence as a program, varsity women’s squash clearly positioned itself as a successful athletic program at Stanford that was beneficial to the broader University. The CSA hopes to provide a platform this year during which the Stanford team can showcase their high level of play as a varsity team one more time. In subsequent years, we anticipate that the women’s program will match their male counterparts in the effort to become one of the premier club teams in the country.

Without question, it is painful to lose a flagship varsity program in a geographic region where interest in and support of squash continue to grow. While the pandemic has placed challenges on universities and their athletic programs, the overall trajectory of college squash remains positive with several new varsity programs being added in the last few years, most recently at Georgetown University.

The CSA plans to work closely with US Squash and the Squash & Education Alliance to continue the growth of the sport nationally and at the college level, and to improve the quality and diversity of the USA’s best players. The College Squash Association was founded in 1931 and currently represents 69 varsity programs.

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