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CSA Recognizes 2019-2020 Women’s Scholar Athletes

The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced the Women’s Scholar-Athlete and Academic Recognition honorees for the 2019-2020 season.  Many of the awardees were also recognized on court at the 2020 CSA National Collegiate Women’s Team  Championships.

The Scholar-Athlete Award (varsity team players) and Academic Recognition Award (club team players) are granted to juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top 10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution. For full criteria, please see here.

CSA Scholar Athletes embody the values of the association, achieving a high level of play on court while excelling in the classroom.

The CSA congratulates all of this year’s awardees! The 2019-2020 Men’s Scholar Athletes will be announced tomorrow.

2019-2020 Women’s CSA Scholar-Athlete Award Recipients:

Vedika Arunachlam (George Washington University)
Riti Bahl (Bard College)
Lucy Beecroft (Yale University)
Emily Beinkampen (Middlebury College)
Scarlett Bergam (Brown University)
Julia Bevan (Franklin & Marshall)
Aishwarya Bhattacharya (Yale University)
Hannah Blatt (Drexel University)
Denise Bonilla (Connecticut College)
Julia Buchholz (University of Pennsylvania)
Callie Burkhart (Bowdoin College)
Madeleine Chai (Harvard University)
Sunyoung Chai (Haverford College)
Chloe Chemtob (Stanford University)
Siren Chen (Bard College)
Mira Chugh (Middlebury College)
Caroline Conway (Amherst College)
Katherine Correia (Amherst College)
Hannah Craig (Harvard University)
Margaret Davey (Connecticut College)
Jessica Davis (University of Pennsylvania)
Mimi deLisser (Cornell University)
Sarah Doss (University of Virginia)
M. Grace Doyle (Princeton University)
Jaime-Leigh Edghill (Dickinson College)
Eleonore Evans (Harvard University)
Gabrielle Fraser (William Smith College)
Julia Gillette (Stanford University)
Liesl Guenther (Hamilton College)
Samantha Henderson (Vassar College)
Amelia Henley (Harvard University)
Anna Hughes (Drexel University)
Sophia Jackson (Haverford College)
Alexa Jacobs (Brown University)
Radhika Joshi (Tufts University)
Georgina Kennedy (Harvard University)
Catherine Kimmel (Brown University)
Pierson Klein (Amherst College)
Nicole Lara Granados (Mount Holyoke College)
Abigail LeBlanc (Williams College)
Emme Leonard (Princeton University)
Juliette Love (Stanford University)
Natahsha Lowitt (Middlebury College)
Emma MacGillivray (Drexel University)
Julia Masch (Columbia University)
Riya Mital (Yale University)
Caroline Neave (Stanford University)
Sydney Nemphos (Vassar College)
Anna Nicholson (Williams College)
Eloise Nimoityn (Dickinson College)
Catherine Nolan (Dickinson College)
Julia Potter (Dartmouth College)
Nina Premutico (Wesleyan University)
Ona Prokes (Drexel University)
Kaitlin Reese (Haverford College)
Sandra Reiss (Dartmouth College)
Josephine Russ (Wesleyan University)
Nadia Russell (Bard College)
Riddhi Sampat (Amherst College)
Virginia Schaus (Middlebury College)
Hannah Seckendorf (Brown University)
Catherine Shanahan (Tufts University)
Madison Soukup (Princeton University)
Morgan Steelman (Princeton University)
Helen Teegan (Yale University)
Min Jie Teh (Trinity College)
Ananya Vir (Wesleyan University)
Julia Ward (Williams College)
Kayle Waterhouse (Connecticut College)
Amanda Watson (Vassar College)
Sarah Willwerth (Williams College)
Nicole Windreich (University of Pennsylvania)
Eleonor Wolf (Hamilton College)
Emily Woodworth (University of Virginia)
Marlaina Yost (Bard College)
Isabel Young (Brown University)

2019-2020 Women’s CSA Academic Recognition Award Recipients:

Mackenzie Allen (Fordham University)
Olivia Distefano (Fordham University)
Maralmaa Erdenebat (University of Rochester)
Normandie Essig (Boston University)
Donna Gan (Wellesley College)
Jill Mankoff (Wellesley College)
Nicole Rinaldi (University of Rochester)