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Dickinson: 2018-2019 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Dickinson Squash gained varsity status only a short time ago, but already they have established themselves regular contenders and a tough out on any day. Now, with former coach Chris Sachvie moving on, the Red Devils will turn to another first-time head coach, Chris Fernandez, to help stay on the path to victory and success.  Fernandez was no stranger to high level squash as both a player and a coach, and he will expect the same level of hard work, respect, and competitiveness in his Dickinson squads.  With a Summers Cup championship and a Number 17 ranking under their belt, the Top 15 is where Red Devil Squash is aiming for this year. The core of their group is intact from last year, but with their top 2 players not returning for the 2018-2019 season, there will be an uphill battle to climb for their top-of-the-lineup players.  With uncertainty at the top, adding depth will be critical to helping win team matches.  Fortunately for Fernandez, he will have six first-year players to work with alongside eight former starters. The budding rivalry between neighbors Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall will be on display again this season, while mid-Atlantic foes Navy and Virginia will come calling as well.

2017-2018 SEASON RECAP

Season Record:  12-8

Final Ranking:  17

Team Championships Result:  Winner of the Summers Cup (C Division)


Head Coach:  Chris Fernandez

Returning Players from Team Championships:

  1. Hal Holappa; 4. Sergio Martin; 5. Cory Litman; 6. Alex Wattles; 7. Osuman Imoro; 8. Tanay Murdia; 9. Zachary Hollander; also returning: Abdelrahman Elsergany

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from Team Championships:

  1. Finn Trimble; 2. Frank Goossens

Additions to 2018-2019 Roster:

  • Frederick Cisse
  • Ben Gemma
  • Graham Henderson
  • Henry Smith
  • Adil Tibrawalla
  • Michael Tricolli

Team Goal:  To finish ranked in the Top 15 in the CSA rankings

Key Matches:  Naval Academy, Virginia, Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall

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