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2017-2018 Men’s Scholar Athletes Announced

The College Squash Association (CSA) has released the Men’s Scholar Athlete and Academic Recognition Awardees for the 2017-2018 season.

The Scholar Athlete Award (varsity team players) and Academic Recognition Award (club team players) is granted to juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top-10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution. For full criteria, please see here.

CSA Scholar Athletes represent the values of the association and student athletics—players achieving a high level of play on court while excelling in the classroom. The association congratulates all of this year’s awardees.


2017-2018 Men’s CSA Scholar Athlete Award Recipients:

Cameron Bahadori (Amherst College)
Charles Blasberg (Brown University)
Thomas Blecher (Brown University)
Jordan Brail (Cornell University)
Pierson Broadwater (Yale University)
Grayson Bubrosky (University of Virginia)
Satya Butler (Bowdoin College)
Zachary Cole (Haverford College)
George Cooley (Bowdoin College)
Tom De Mulder (Trinity College)
Simon DeBevoise (Bard College)
Philip Demeulanaere (Brown University)
Madhav Dhingra (Harvard University)
Julian Dime (Bard College)
Ben Eisenberg (Williams College)
Samuel Epley (Dartmouth College)
Matthew Epstein (Colby College)
James Evans (Trinity College)
Louie Feingold (Connecticut College)
John Fitzgerald (Williams College)
Nathaniel Fry (Drexel University)
Pranjal Sudhir Ghate (Bard College)
Brian Giegerich (Dartmouth College)
Matthew Giegerich (Dartmouth College)
Palak Goel (Brown University)
Alexi Gosset (Harvard University)
Elliot Gross (Colby College)
John Harvey (Dartmouth College)
Ashad Hajela (New York University)
Alvin Heumann (Dartmouth College)
Jeffrey Hu (MIT)
Karim T. Hussein (University of Pennsylvania)
Gregory Edward Hyer (Naval Academy)
Vikramaditya Joshi (Bard College)
Osama Khalifa (Columbia University)
Harith Khawaja (Amherst College)
Thomas Kingshott (Yale University)
Arjun Kochhar (Yale University)
Michael Kumar (New York University)
Yahya Ladiwala (Wesleyan University)
Josh Lane (Wesleyan University)
Andrew Litvin (Williams College)
Jay Losty (Yale University)
William McBrian (Colby College)
David Merkel (Amherst College)
Andrew C. Muran (Cornell University)
Frank Murray (Franklin and Marchall College)
Anirudh Nambiar (Bates College)
Mandela Patrick (Harvard University)
Henry Pearson (Middlebury College)
Aidan Porges (Tufts University)
Ashish Ramachandran (New York University)
Royston Raymond (Drexel University)
Max Reed (University of Pennsylvania)
Ian Rothweiler (Cornell University)
Arhum Saleem (Columbia University)
Numair Sani (University of Rochester)
Abhimanyu Shah (Princeton University)
Komron Shayegan (Princeton University)
Bradley Smith (Harvard University)
Noel Solomon (Drexel University)
Carson Spahr (Dartmouth College)
Ryan Swope (Middlebury College)
Thomas Walker (Brown University)
Jonathan Zeitels (University of Pennsylvania)


2017-2018 Men’s CSA Academic Recognition Award Recipients:

Matthew Berstein (Stanford University)
Yousef Hindy (Stanford University)
Raghunath Kadamangudi (University of Chicago)
Amanda Izes (Swarthmore College)
Raghav Mehrotra (Stanford University)
Sam Permutico (Stanford University)
Matthew Peterson (Swarthmore College)
Yanghan Qi (Swarthmore College)
Faizan Rahim (Siena College)
Nathaniel Sandalow-Ash (Swarthmore College)
Juan Sarmiento (Stanford University)
Peter Satterthwaite (Stanford University)
Matthew Stewart (Stanford University)