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Dunlop Women’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2016 – 2017 Season

[rankingimage]Hatfield, MA — Today, the final [wir] of the 2016 – 2017 season were released.

According to the College Squash Association’s ranking rules, the results from the Individual Championships determine the season-ending individual rankings. Unless an injury waiver is granted, only players who competed at Individuals are ranked.

In the coming days, the 2016 – 2017 Women’s College Squash Association All-American teams will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Georgina Kennedy (Harvard University)
  2. Reeham Sedky (University of Pennsylvania)
  3. Kayley Leonard (Harvard University)
  4. Marie Stephan (University of Pennsylvania)
  5. Raneem Sharaf (Trinity College)
  6. Olivia Fiechter (Princeton University)
  7. Jenny Scherl (Yale University)
  8. Lucy Beecroft (Yale University)
  9. Laila Samy (Wesleyan University)
  10. Vanessa Raj (Trinity College)
  11. Amelia Henley (Harvard University)
  12. Tanvi Khanna (Columbia University)
  13. Breanne Flynn (George Washington University)
  14. Salma Alam-Eldin (Trinity College)
  15. Michelle Garceau (Cornell University)
  16. Casey Wong (Stanford University)
  17. Alyssa Mehta (Harvard University)
  18. Lakeesha Rarere (Trinity College)
  19. Margaux Losty (Cornell University)
  20. Colette Sultana (Columbia University)
  21. Madlen O’Connor (Columbia University)
  22. Zandra Ho (Stanford University)
  23. Alexandra Toth (Princeton University)
  24. Ryan Morgan (Drexel University)
  25. Samantha Chai (Princeton University)
  26. Jennifer Haley (Trinity College)
  27. Jacqueline Barnes (Dartmouth College)
  28. Luca Polgar (Bates College)
  29. Quincy Beck (Brown University)
  30. Sarah Bell (Stanford University)
  31. Gabriella Garr (Princeton University)
  32. Morgan Steelman (Princeton University)
  33. Rachel Scherman (Cornell University)
  34. SueAnn Yong (Harvard University)
  35. Isabel Hirshberg (Princeton University)
  36. Haley Hughes (Drexel University)
  37. Nicole Friedman (Williams College)
  38. Beatrijs Kuijpers (Middlebury College)
  39. Jui Kalgutkar (Columbia University)
  40. Anne Blasberg (Dartmouth College)
  41. Kira Keating (Princeton University)
  42. Tara Shannon (Stanford University)
  43. Anna Hughes (Drexel University)
  44. Eleanore Evans (Harvard University)
  45. Mary Fung-A-Fat (Drexel University)
  46. Kate Feeley (Princeton University)
  47. Madihah Molani (Colby College)
  48. Madison Soukoup (Princeton University)
  49. Emma Uible (Cornell University)
  50. Hannah Hay-Smith (Brown University)
  51. Anne Glassie (Middlebury College)
  52. Nadindhi Udangawa (Mount Holyoke College)
  53. Julia Potter (Dartmouth College)
  54. Rebecca Brownell (Dartmouth College)
  55. Charlotte Knaggs (Cornell University)
  56. Janel Gaube (Dartmouth College)
  57. Eliza Dunham (Bates College)
  58. Engy Elmandouh (George Washington University)
  59. Anandita Gupta (Denison University)
  60. Gabrielle Fraser (William Smith)
  61. Kim Krayacich (Amherst College)
  62. Victoria Arjoon (Bates College)
  63. Hannah Nice (Vassar College)
  64. Meera Nayar (Wellesley College)
  65. Fiona Power (Drexel University)
  66. Zoe Kagan (Saint Lawrence University)
  67. Ananya Mahalingam-Dhinga (Williams College)
  68. Alexa Comai (Middlebury College)
  69. Emily Terry (Saint Lawrence University)
  70. Kaitlin Reese (Haverford College)