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College Squash Reminder on Team Championships Logistics (Weekend 2)

On Tuesday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts from the Tournament Director.


Nice to see many of you tonight at the courts. I’m excited to see the squash this weekend! Please see below for a few additional updates for tomorrow:

  • ​Referees/Match Monitors: Match monitors will be assigned for each match and introduced to the coaches before the matches when we do introductions. The monitors will not change specific calls, but can interfere to assign a conduct stroke/game/match should it be called for and not issued by the player referee. Monitors can also assist with rules clarifications and injury questions. Should a monitor believe that a referee is making consistently biased decisions for his/her team, the monitor will address the situation with the team coaches. As I mentioned before, all A-division semifinals and finals will be refereed using a 3-ref system, with a CSA official in the middle position and the two players acting as side judges.
  • Conduct: As a reminder, conduct penalties in the tournament go straight to a conduct stroke or above – there are no conduct warnings.
  • Introductions: A staff member will kick off each match introduction
  • T-shirts: All T-shirts will be mailed directly to schools later this month. Please be sure to enter in your order (if you haven’t done so already).
  • Bag Storage/Team Food/Facility Usage: Please see the email from Pam Saunders at 7:21 am this morning. There will be a bag drop area, also for team snacks and food, on the 5th floor. This room will be staffed to prevent non-team members from going through anything, though obviously players and coaches should still leave valuables in a secure place or their hotel rooms whenever possible.
  • Parking: All team vehicles (buses, vans, etc.) may only drop-off and pick-up at the front entrance of Payne Whitney Gymnasium (70 Tower Parkway, New Haven, CT 06511).  Directions to off-site parking is provided below:
    • From 70 Tower Parkway, New Haven
    • Continue onto Whalley Ave (358 ft)
    • Left onto Dwight St (0.3 mi)
    • Right onto Chapel St (1.2 mi)
    • Left onto Yale Ave
    • Team vehicles may park on the curb on Yale Avenue between Chapel Street and Derby Ave (Rt 34)