College Squash Reminders (9/27/2015)


Hatfield, MA — On Sunday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

A few reminders…

Rule Updates: During the offseason, the Executive Committees discussed possible rule changes. Many of these proposals were also discussed by coaches during the two-day CSA Strategic Review session, which was held in early June at Yale University. In preparation for the 2015 – 2016 season, the College Squash Association has updated six of its rules:

Several of these rule modifications are significant. Therefore, in the coming week, the CSA website will publish detailed articles regarding these changes, including the rationale behind the changes.

Coaches and Team Contacts need to be familiar with these rule updates. To see exact changes, please refer to the “Update on″ link at the bottom of the page for each modified rule.

Team Preview Questionnaires: As a reminder, please complete your team preview questionnaire. We will use the information submitted below to compose the preview. Feel free to respond informally, and we will polish your responses. Please note that we will only publish previews for teams that submit questionnaires through 10/2.

Information about graduates and incoming players are used in the preseason rankings, so if you do not respond, we will assume your team will be weaker than it was last season.

  • MCSA Preview Questionnaire
  • WCSA Preview Questionnaire

As of 9/26, the following teams have already submitted their questionnaires: Amherst College (Men); Amherst College (Women); Bard College (Men); Bates College (Men); Bates College (Women); Bowdoin College (Men); Bowdoin College (Women); Brown University (Women);Brown University (Women); Bucknell University (Men); Bucknell University (Women); Colby College (Men); Colby College (Women); Columbia University (Men); Columbia University (Women); Connecticut College (Men); Connecticut College (Women); Cornell University (Men); Cornell University (Women); Dartmouth College (Men); Dartmouth College (Women); Davidson College (Men); Denison University (Men); Denison University (Women); Dickinson College (Men); Dickinson College (Women); Drexel University (Men); Drexel University (Women); Fordham University (Men); Franklin and Marshall College (Men); Franklin and Marshall College (Women); George Washington University (Men); George Washington University (Women); Georgetown University (Men); Georgetown University (Women); Haverford College (Men); Haverford College (Women); Johns Hopkins University (Men); Lafayette College (Men); Lehigh University (Men); Middlebury College (Men); Middlebury College (Women); Minnesota, University of (Men); Minnesota, University of (Women); MIT (Men); Mount Holyoke College (Women); Naval Academy (Men); North Carolina, University of (Men); North Carolina, University of (Women); Northwestern University (Men); Northwestern University (Women); Notre Dame, University of (Men); Notre Dame, University of (Women); Oregon, University of (Men); Penn State University (Men); Princeton University (Men); Princeton University (Women); Rochester, University of (Men); Rochester, University of (Women); Siena College (Men); Smith College (Women); St. Lawrence University (Men); St. Lawrence University (Women); Stanford University (Men); Stanford University (Women); Swarthmore College (Men); Trinity College (Men); Trinity College (Women); Tufts University (Men); Tufts University (Women); Virginia, University of (Men); Washington University in St. Louis (Men); Washington, University of (Men); Wesleyan University (Men); Wesleyan University (Women); William Smith College (Women); Williams College (Men); Williams College (Women); Yale University (Men); and Yale University (Women).

New Round Robins/Tournaments: Vassar College is looking for participants for the Hudson Valley College Individual tournament to be held November 7th and the Hudson Valley Team Tournament to be played January 30th. Those teams interested should contact Vassar coach Jane Parker at The Naval Academy is looking for participants in a February 5th – 7th Round Robin. Any men’s and women’s teams interested in playing, please contact Navy coach Craig Dawson at

World Squash Day:  World Squash Day is October 10th. If any teams are holding or participating in events, please let me know.

US Squash Intercollegiate Doubles Championships Registration: For the fifth year in a row, the US Squash Intercollegiate Doubles Championships will be held as a part of the Delaware Investments U.S. Open, October 9-11, in Philadelphia. For more information about the event and registration, please refer to the website.

Competition Period: A few club teams have asked when they may start playing matches. As a reminder to all teams, the CSA’s Match Play Rules state the following: Competition Period: Formal CSA sanctioned regular season matches may only occur from October 15th through the Sunday prior to the National Team Championship (late February).

Squash Ball Orders: With the season fast approaching, the CSA encourages you to take advantage of the organization’s relationship with Dunlop to order the balls you need for the year. Revenue from the sales goes to the CSA and helps us meet our mission of supporting continued success of college squash. Balls are sold for $30/dozen. Please contact Dent Wilkens with any questions related to squash ball orders. To place your order, please visit the following link.

Contact Information: If you are receiving this reminder and are no longer your team’s contact, please let Dent Wilkens and Michael T. Bello ASAP.