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College Squash Reminders (9/25/2014)

Northampton, MA — On Thursday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

Thank you to the 80 teams that have submitted their preseason questionnaire.

As a reminder, please complete your team preview questionnaire. We will use the information submitted below to compose the preview. Feel free to respond informally, and we will polish your responses. Please note that we will only publish previews for teams that submit questionnaires.

Information about graduates and incoming players are used in the preseason rankings, so if you do not respond, we will assume your team will be weaker than it was last season. Additionally, you will be unable to appeal your preseason ranking based on new players. The questionnaires are due by Friday, October 3rd.

  • MCSA Preview Questionnaire
  • WCSA Preview Questionnaire

To date (9/25), the following teams have already submitted their questionnaires:

Amherst College (Men); Amherst College (Women); Bard College (Men); Bates College (Men); Bates College (Women); Boston College (Women); Bowdoin College (Men); Bowdoin College (Women); Brown University (Men); Brown University (Women); California Berkeley, University of (Men); Charleston, College of (Men); Chicago, University of (Men); Colby College (Men); Colby College (Women); Columbia University (Men); Columbia University (Women); Connecticut College (Men); Connecticut College (Women); Cornell University (Men); Cornell University (Women); Dartmouth College (Men); Dartmouth College (Women); Denison University (Men);Dickinson College (Men); Dickinson College (Women); Drexel University (Men); Drexel University (Women); Franklin & Marshall College (Men); Franklin & Marshall College (Women); George Washington University (Men); George Washington University (Women); Hamilton College (Men); Hamilton College (Women); Harvard University (Men); Harvard University (Women); Haverford College (Men); Haverford College (Women); Hobart College (Men); Johns Hopkins University (Men); Johns Hopkins University (Women); Lehigh University (Men); Middlebury College (Men); Middlebury College (Women); Minnesota, University of (Men); Minnesota, University of (Women); MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (Men); Mount Holyoke College (Women); Naval Academy (Men); Northwestern University (Men); Northwestern University (Women); Penn State University (Men); Pennsylvania, University of (Men); Pennsylvania, University of (Women); Princeton University (Men); Princeton University (Women); Rochester, University of (Men); Rochester, University of (Women); Smith College (Women); St. Lawrence University (Men); St. Lawrence University (Women); Stanford University (Men); Stanford University (Women); Swarthmore College (Men); Trinity College (Men); Trinity College (Women); Tufts University (Men); Tufts University (Women); Vassar College (Men); Vassar College (Women); Washington University in St. Louis (Women); Washington, University of (Men); Wellesley College (Women); Wesleyan University (Men); Wesleyan University (Women); William Smith College (Women); Williams College (Men); Williams College (Women); Yale University (Men); Yale University (Women);