Bob Callahan’s Induction into the Men’s College Squash Hall of Fame


Princeton UniversityPhiladelphia, PA — On Saturday (3/1) evening during the College Squash Association Individual Championships, the atrium of Drexel University’s Daskalakis Athletic Center was packed. Players, coaches, and college squash fans were there to honor Bob Callahan, the college squash legend.

At the event, Callahan was inducted into the Men’s College Squash Association’s Hall of Fame as a coach. He joins a select fraternity of 20 other coaches, all of whom are household names to CSA followers.  Callahan’s accomplishments as a coach are immense: 32 years guiding the Princeton men, over 300 victories, 3 national championships, and 11 Ivy League titles.

In addition to the Hall of Fame honor, Callahan was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  This rare honor has only been previously given 10 times. Only four Hall of Fame coaches — Jack Barnaby (Harvard), Robert Hawthorn (Fordham), Al Molloy (Penn),  and Edward Serues (Amherst) — had previously received the award. Callahan’s contribution to the collegiate game are great, but he was instrumental in ushering in a new era for the MCSA by advocating for the switch from hardball to softball squash in the early 1990s.

Below is video of Bob Callahan’s induction into the Hall of Fame and presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Part 1:

Part 2: