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2013 Men’s National Team Championships: D, E, and G Division Finals

New Haven, CT — Stanford won the D Division, Boston College won the E Division, and Charleston won the G Division.

D Division (Conroy Cup): Top-seeded Colby and second-seeded Stanford had both marched through the first two rounds of the tournament, each winning their quarterfinal and semifinal matches decisively. The Conroy Cup final was different story. In the first round, Colby saw a win at number 9 from Arjumand Masood, and Stanford had one win at number 3 from Will McFarlane and another from Miles Bennett at number 6. Both Bennett’s and McFarlane’s wins were in four games, and it was clear from the first round the match would be close. Colby evened the match score in the second round with wins from Steve Carroll at number 5 and Greg Ho at number 8. Stanford stayed in it with a win from Trey Simpson at number 2. The match was tied 3-all going into the final round of matches. Stanford pulled ahead with a three-game win from Tyler Strand at number 4. The Cardinal’s John Han outlasted the Mules’ Darryl Soto in five at number 7 to seal the upset match victory for Stanford. The match wasn’t over yet, though, and C.J. Smith posted one last win for Colby at number 1. The final score was Stanford 5, Colby 4.

E Division (Chaffee Cup): Chaffee Cup finalists Boston College and Boston University had already played twice before this season. When the two teams played in December, Boston University won 5-4. When they met again in early February, the Eagles took the match 7-2 to even the season series. This time around, the top three matches were decided comparatively quickly, while the action in the lower two-thirds of the line-ups took longer to unfold. BC got a boost in the first flight from Andrew Labadini, who outlasted BU’s Paulo Damoura in five at number 9. The Eagles clinched the match before the final flight of matches was complete, but the Terriers played tough throughout the final round, keeping up the energy and intensity. The final score was BC 6, BU 3.

G Division (Hawthorn Cup): Cal and Charleston both looked strong in the first two rounds of the tournament. Cal won their first round match over Minnesota, 8-1, and their semifinal match against Bard, 7-2. Charleston had won both the first round match against Siena and their semifinal match against Ithaca by a score of 7-2. Coming into today’s contest, the Golden Bears only needed to win four matches, as Charleston defaulted the number 9 match. The match was competitive through the first two flights, with the number 5 match between the Cougars’ Jeffrey Heath and the Golden Bears’ Ola Swensson going to five games. Heath came through with a win in the fifth, and by the time the number 1 match was on court, the Cougars had clinched the Hawthorn Cup. Eileen Hawthorn, the wife of the Bob Hawthorn, the late Hall of Fame coach from Fordham, presented the 2013 Hawthorn Cup to Charleston.

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