Tentative 2013 Women’s National Team Championship Draws and Times


College Squash AssociationNorthampton, MA — The Women’s College Squash Association will hold its annual National Team Championships from February 15 – 17, 2013. This year, Yale University’s Brady Squash Center will serve as the primary host of the event. The Hopkins School will host several matches on February 17th.

This year, there will be 30 varsity programs and nine club programs participating in the main draw (9-player divisions) of the tournament. Club teams are required to play eight (8) matches against other CSA teams to enter team championships in a 9 player division. In addition, club teams must play at least four (4) matches between January 1st and February 10th. At minimum, each team should have at least five (5) different opponents.

Varsity Teams: Amherst College; Bates College; Bowdoin College; Brown University; Colby College; Columbia University; Connecticut College; Cornell University; Dartmouth College; Drexel University; Franklin and Marshall College; George Washington University; Hamilton College; Harvard University; Haverford College; Middlebury College; Mount Holyoke College; Pennsylvania, University of (Penn); Princeton University; Smith College; St. Lawrence University; Stanford University; Trinity College; Tufts University; Vassar College; Wellesley College; Wesleyan University; William Smith College; Williams College; and Yale University.

Nine-Player Club Teams Participating (as of 2/7): Boston College; Bucknell University (needs to enter the results from 2 more matches); California (Berkeley), University of (needs to enter the results from 1 more match); Georgetown University(needs to enter the results from 1 more match); Johns Hopkins University (needs to enter the results from 1 more match); Minnesota, University of (needs to schedule 6 more matches); New York University (needs to enter the results from 1 more match); Northeastern University; Rochester, University of (needs to enter the results from 1 more match); and Virginia, University of

Emerging Teams Participating (as of 2/7): the University of Minnesota; the University of Notre Dame; Vanderbilt University; and Washington University in St. Louis

Below are the tentative draws by ranking. Please note that team rankings will change over the next few weeks. Please do not make definitive plans based on these schedules, as team rankings positions may change.