2012 Men’s Ivy League College Squash Scrimmage Photos


New Haven, CT — On November 10th and 11th, the eight Ivy League schools played the annual Ivy League Scrimmages. This college squash preseason event is a great opportunity for some of the top teams in the nation to compete in an unofficial event.

Below are photos from a few of the men’s matches at the scrimmages.  Harvard defeated Yale to capture the tournament.

Last week, CollegeSquashAssociation.com featured photos from the women’s Ivy League Scrimmages.

In the coming weeks, CollegeSquashAssociation.com will feature photos from Drexel’s visit to Amherst and Dartmouth’s Fall Classic. Stay tuned!

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of each photo. For additional photos from the entire 2012 Ivy League Scrimmages, please visit mtbello.com.