Notre Dame: 2012 – 2013 Women’s College Squash Season Preview


South Bend, IN — Notre Dame didn’t send a team to the Women’s National Team Championships last season or the season before. In 2010, the last time the Fighting Irish made an appearance at the event, they finished third in the E Division thanks to a strong win over Drexel. Notre Dame hopes to be back in action this season, and coach Geoff McCuen reports that interest in squash in South Bend is on the rise. “The number of women involved with squash really dropped off the past few years and we were not able to field a team. However, this year we have some very motivated ladies who have been bringing new players in every week, so we are certain to field a team this year,” McCuen explains. He singles out Ashleigh O’Reilly, Hannah Mudd, and Gia Bottiglione in particular for their leadership and willingness to encourage new players to become involved in the program. The team’s goal is to qualify and compete in the Women’s National Team Championships, and if all goes well, they may be able to compete in a nine-player division. “We’re planning to have a lot fun!” adds McCuen.

2011-2012 SEASON RECAP

Final Ranking: Not ranked

Team Championships: Did not play


Program Status: Club

Head Coach: Geoff McCuen

Team Goals: To qualify for and play in the Women’s National Team Championships

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