2011 Women’s Ivy League College Squash Scrimmages: Columbia and Brown #1s (Video)


New Haven, CT — At the 2011 Ivy League Scrimmages, Brown and Columbia faced off in the match to decide 7th place in the tournament. Although the Ivy League Scrimmage results are unofficial, the players use the event to gauge their Ivy League competition.

Last season, Brown won the Kurtz Cup (B Division) at the Women’s National Team Championships (Howe Cup). This year, the Bears enter the season ranked 10th in the nation. They have two players studying abroad this fall.

Columbia, last season’s winner of the Most Improved Team Award, is ranked 16th. With the loss of only one player and the addition of three new players, the Lions are looking to move up in the rankings.

In the Ivy League Scrimmages, Columbia showed their drive by defeating Brown 5-4.

Here is video from the match at the number 1 position between Liz Chu (Columbia) and Dori Rahbar (Brown).