2011 Men’s College Squash Video: Pioneer Valley Invitational – Bates and St. Lawrence #1s


South Hadley, MA — The 2011 Pioneer Valley Invitational featured forty-four matches, including a dramatic match between Bates and St. Lawrence.  The two schools traded matches until the very end. The match at the number 1 position was no exception.

Bates’ William Katz and St. Lawrence’s Alex Dodge had many similarities.  Dodge was the captain of St. Lawrence and was named to the Liberty League All-Conference team.  On the season, he went 9-11.  Katz was a two-year captain of the Bobcats.  He went 14-8 on the season and was named to the New England Small Conference Athletic Association (NESCAC) All-Conference team.

The match between the two seniors went five games with Katz emerging victorious (8-11, 6-11, 11-7, 11-5, and 11-9). Bates captured the team match 5-4.

Below is video from the match between Katz and Dodge.