Dunlop Women’s College Squash Individual Rankings (3/2/2011)

[rankingimage] Northampton, MA — Today, the final [wir] of the regular season were released.  These rankings will be used to seed players for this weekend’s College Squash Association Individual Championships, which are being held at Dartmouth College, March 4th – 6th.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile.  For this reason, only the top-100 players were ranked.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Laura Gemmell (Harvard University)
  2. Catalina Pelaez (Trinity College)
  3. Logan Greer (Yale University)
  4. Julie Cerullo (Princeton University)
  5. Pamela Hathway (Trinity College)
  6. Valeria Wiens (Dartmouth College)
  7. Millie Tomlinson (Yale University)
  8. Pamela Chua (Stanford University)
  9. Nabilla Ariffin (University of Pennsylvania)
  10. Jackie Moss (Princeton University)
  11. Nirasha Guruge (Harvard University)
  12. Rachael Goh (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)
  13. Elizabeth Eyre (Princeton University)
  14. Annie Madeira (University of Pennsylvania)
  15. Sarah Toomey (Yale University)
  16. Kimberley Hay (Yale University)
  17. Jaime Laird (Cornell Univerity)
  18. Alisha Mashruwala (Harvard University)
  19. Wee Nee Low (Trinity College)
  20. Yarden Odinak (Univeristy of Pennsylvania)
  21. Jennifer Pelletier (Trinity College)
  22. June Tiong (Harvard University)
  23. Jesse Pacheco (Cornell University)
  24. Hannah Conant (Dartmouth College)
  25. Jennifer Gemmell (Cornell University)
  26. Kerrie Sample (Stanford University)
  27. Cheri-Ann Parris (Bates College)
  28. Cecilia Haig (Stanford University)
  29. Pia Trikha (University of Pennsylvania)
  30. Rhetta Nadas (Yale University)
  31. Natasha Kingshott (Harvard University)
  32. Corey Schaefer (Dartmouth College)
  33. Cecelia Cortes (Harvard University)
  34. Alexis Saunders (Princeton University)
  35. Sarah Mumanachit (Harvard University)
  36. Kyla Sherwood (Stanford University)
  37. Samantha Buechner (Stanford University)
  38. Katie Giovinazzo (Princeton University)
  39. Emery Holton (Trinity College)
  40. Alicia Rodriguez (Trinity College)
  41. Alexandra Sawin (Princeton University)
  42. Caroline Reigeluth (Yale University)
  43. Courtney Jones (Pennsylvania University)
  44. Nikki Sequierra (Princeton University)
  45. Kathryn Ballaine (Yale University)
  46. Bethan Williams (Harvard University)
  47. Casey Cortes (Princeton University)
  48. Sarah Domenick (Brown University)
  49. Gwendoline Tilghman (Yale University)
  50. Courtney Bolge (Williams College)
  51. Lauren Gesswein (Bowdoin College)
  52. Alexandra Van Arkel (Yale University)
  53. Randima Ranaweera (Mount Holyoke College)
  54. Steph Vogel (University of Pennsylvania)
  55. Elena Laird (Middlebury College)
  56. Rebecca Lau (Dartmouth College)
  57. Sarah Crosky (Brown University)
  58. Jacqueline Shea (George Washington University)
  59. Robyn Hodgson (Trinity College)
  60. Laura Henry (Williams College)
  61. Andrea Echeverria (Trinity College)
  62. Vidya Rajan (Harvard University)
  63. Chloe Blacker (Pennsylvania University)
  64. Lillian Fast (Yale University)
  65. Abigail Jenkins (Middlebury College)
  66. Lauren Sachvie (Cornell University)
  67. Vidushi Gurunada (Mount Holyoke College)
  68. Robyn Williams (Trinity College)
  69. Hayley Milbourne (Amherst College)
  70. Morgan Smith (Franklin & Marshall College)
  71. Alli Rubin (Williams College)
  72. Shara Robertson (Mount Holyoke College)
  73. Kate Pistel (Colby College)
  74. Elizabeth Chu (Columbia University)
  75. Ashley Brooks (Bates College)
  76. Chandler Lusardi (Amherst College)
  77. Dori Rahbar (Brown University)
  78. Maggie Remsen (Cornell University)
  79. Amanda Thorman (Hamilton College)
  80. Mary Foster (Wesleyan University)
  81. Virginia Shannon (Middlebury College)
  82. Shaheen Madraswala (Mount Holyoke College)
  83. Alexandra Glassman (Cornell University)
  84. Caroline Feeley (Princeton University)
  85. Carolyn Tilney (Brown University)
  86. Alexandra Zindman (Harvard University)
  87. Sarah Loucks (Dartmouth College)
  88. Aditi Malawal (Stanford University)
  89. Serena Fagan (Stanford University)
  90. Kathryn Bostwick (Middlebury College)
  91. Hyland Murphy (Pennsylvania University)
  92. Pamela Jimenez (Trinity College)
  93. Anne Piper (Amherst College)
  94. Julie Koenig (Stanford University)
  95. Sophie Scherl (Brown University)
  96. Laura Caty (Cornell University)
  97. Kelly Barnes (George Washington University)
  98. Kensey Balch (Dartmouth College)
  99. Katie Quan (Columbia University)
  100. Allie Daglish (Amherst College)