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Club Team Championship Entry Deadline

Northampton, MA — Yesterday, the e-mail below was sent to club coaches and team contacts.

Club Team Coaches and Team Contacts,

Below are reminders about championship entry deadlines and scholar athlete nominations:

  • Club Teams National Championship Fees: Club teams have until 1/15/2011 to declare if they will participate in the Men’s National Team Championships or the Women’s National Team Championships (Howe Cup). If a club team submits payment prior to 1/15/2011, it does not have to formally declare to Pam Saunders, CSA Treasurer, that it plans to participate in the tournaments. Club teams must submit payments for championships by 1/25/2011.
  • Scholar Athlete Nominations: The scholar athlete nominations are due February 10th. Please note that late nominations will not be accepted.

In addition, select teams received the following e-mail message:

Coaches and Team Contacts,

If you are receiving this e-mail, your men’s college squash team is not on pace, according to the US Squash Database, for completing six matches. As mentioned in several e-mails and articles on CollegeSquashAssociation.com, the men have a six-match minimun to qualify for the Men’s National Team Championships.

Please let me know if your team will be scheduling additional matches. For the newer teams, please let me know if you are interested in participating in the Emerging Teams division (five-person teams, no match minimum).