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2010-2011 Men’s College Squash Individual Rankings (12/21/2010)

Northampton, MA — Today, the men’s College Squash Association released its first individual rankings of the season.

Individual rankings are extremely challenging. The men’s top-112 individual rankings were calculated using the following method:

  • Examination of CSA matches played this season
  • Results from the 2010 Price-Bullington Invitational

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Harrity, Todd B. (Princeton University)
  2. Sharma, Parth (Trinity College)
  3. Fischer, Benjamin (Rochester, University of)
  4. Letourneau, David Michael (Princeton University)
  5. Sachvie, Nicholas (Cornell University)
  6. Malhotra, Vikram (Trinity College)
  7. Robinson, Hywel M. (Yale University)
  8. Chan, Kenneth (Yale University)
  9. De Melo, Gabriel (Franklin and Marshall College)
  10. Power, Gary A (Harvard University)
  11. Hanson, Christopher R. (Dartmouth College)
  12. Vargas, Andres F (Trinity College)
  13. Duany, Andres (Rochester, University of)
  14. Sisodia, Nicholas S (Dartmouth College)
  15. Lim, Randy J.W. (Trinity College)
  16. Binnie, Christopher J (Trinity College)
  17. Diaz Glez, Antonio (Trinity College)
  18. Domenick, Alex (Cornell University)
  19. Lalwani, Naishadh (Yale University)
  20. Hill, Richard T (Harvard University)
  21. Dodd, Richard W. (Yale University)
  22. Ahmed, Hameed (Rochester, University of)
  23. Spettigue, Thomas L. (Cornell University)
  24. Callis, Christopher C. (Princeton University)
  25. McLaughlin, Brandon (Harvard University)
  26. De Melo, Guilherme F. (Franklin and Marshall College)
  27. El-Fiky, Islam (George Washington University)
  28. Sedano, Mauricio A. (Franklin and Marshall College)
  29. Newnham, William M (Rochester, University of)
  30. Koh, Nigel HS (Harvard University)
  31. Sopher, Peter S. (Princeton University)
  32. Jung, Christopher A (Dartmouth College)
  33. Fulham, John (Yale University)
  34. Dowd, Ryan D (Yale University)
  35. Roberts, John J (Yale University)
  36. Mattsson, Thomas W. (Pennsylvania, University of)
  37. Morris, William D. (Williams College)
  38. Hong, Brian w (Western Ontario, University of)
  39. Gupta, Arjun (Cornell University)
  40. Perkiomaki, Adam J (Rochester, University of)
  41. Berner, Robert L. (Yale University)
  42. Thompson, Brad (Brown University)
  43. Leanza, Adrian (Brown University)
  44. Greenberg, Danny (Pennsylvania, University of)
  45. O’ Toole, Brian F (Dartmouth College)
  46. Lewis, Michael M. (Dartmouth College)
  47. Endresen, J. Reed (Harvard University)
  48. Chetty, Kimesh (Western Ontario, University of)
  49. Detter, Johan (Trinity College)
  50. Hergeth, Reinhold R. (Trinity College)
  51. Domenick, Matt (Rochester, University of)
  52. Jalan, Rishi (Cornell University)
  53. Scherl, Zeke B (Harvard University)
  54. Michas, Jason M (Harvard University)
  55. Pena, Jesus (Princeton University)
  56. Barua, Sujat (Franklin and Marshall College)
  57. Herden, Ryan A. (Western Ontario, University of)
  58. Chetty, Yeshale (Western Ontario, University of)
  59. Clark, James F (Pennsylvania, University of)
  60. Lopez, Juan (Franklin and Marshall College)
  61. McGuinness, Trevor S. (Pennsylvania, University of)
  62. Sopher, Philip J. (Princeton University)
  63. Mohiuddin, Zuhaib M (Pennsylvania, University of)
  64. Hilton, David H. (Cornell University)
  65. Tannen, Nadav Daniel (Franklin and Marshall College)
  66. Ang, Justin (Pennsylvania, University of)
  67. Drake, Porter E (Pennsylvania, University of)
  68. Butler, Owen (Cornell University)
  69. Gruner, Will E (Williams College)
  70. Reinson, Blake A. (Brown University)
  71. Holter, Christopher L (Brown University)
  72. O Connor, Eamon F (Brown University)
  73. Jarvis, Strachan W.D. (Western Ontario, University of)
  74. Gaviria, Juan Pablo (Rochester, University of)
  75. Seth, Nikhil (Princeton University)
  76. Blackiston, Clay B. (Princeton University)
  77. Kumar, Karm (Rochester, University of)
  78. Herrmann, Jeremy (Williams College)
  79. Marks, Nick (Williams College)
  80. Foehl, Taylor (Williams College)
  81. Greaves-Tunnell, Alexander H. (Williams College)
  82. Drobetsky, Julian (Williams College)
  83. Ma, Alexander M (Harvard University)
  84. Egan, Ash (Princeton University)
  85. Steele, John R. (Wesleyan University)
  86. Smith, Harry L (Colby College)
  87. Chapman, Joe S (Rochester, University of)
  88. Sobhy, Omar (George Washington University)
  89. Lutz, Allan B. (Naval Academy, United States)
  90. Merchant, Amay (St. Lawrence University)
  91. Garza, Caleb (Connecticut College)
  92. Gross, Alex (Tufts University)
  93. Echeverria, Nicholas P. (Bates College)
  94. Katz, William R. (Bates College)
  95. Gould, Samuel J (Stanford University)
  96. Lopez, Oscar (Rochester, University of)
  97. Silvestri, Andrew D (Western Ontario, University of)
  98. Lee, Luke J (Dartmouth College)
  99. Maycock, Robert W G (Dartmouth College)
  100. Browne, William A. (Pennsylvania, University of)
  101. Claghorn, W.McKay (Cornell University)
  102. Dolan, Jay W (Middlebury College)
  103. Quan, Valentin (Middlebury College)
  104. Mullaney, Tom P (Harvard University)
  105. Bernard, Andrew K (Bowdoin College)
  106. Dodge, Alex (St. Lawrence University)
  107. Peever, Steven MJ (Cornell University)
  108. Cunningham, Patrick D. (Franklin and Marshall College)
  109. Zaveri, Aadit (Franklin and Marshall College)
  110. Dudzik, John A. (Pennsylvania, University of)
  111. Ahmed, William L. (Harvard University)
  112. Beck, Hunter (Naval Academy, United States)