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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: Lynn Leong
Assistant Coach: Campbell Grayson

Men’s Team Captains: Brian Leonard
Women’s Team Captains: Sneha Sivakumar

Men’s Team Roster:

  1. Arav Bhagwati
  2. Jed Burde
  3. Tad Carney
  4. Taylor Clayton
  5. Bennett Eun
  6. Max Forster
  7. Nikhil Ismail
  8. Brian Leonard
  9. Shreyas Mehta
  10. Jack O’Flynn
  11. Maxwell Orr
  12. Lachlan Sutton
  13. Merritt Wurts
  14. Yee Xian Siow

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Mika Bardin
  2. Rashi Goverdhanam
  3. Layla Johnson
  4. Christy Tin Yan Lau
  5. Nina Mital
  6. Joy Qu
  7. Elisabeth Ross
  8. Sneha Sivakumar
  9. Meghna Sreedhar
  10. Whitney Taylor
  11. Aanika Tiwary
  12. Lindsay Westerfield
  13. Gigi Yeung

Team Goal: Our team's primary focus is on representing Yale University and the sport of squash with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We are committed to upholding the values of sportsmanship and the code of conduct, while consistently striving to enhance our performance throughout the season. Our aim is to demonstrate unwavering determination, fierce competition, and a genuine passion for the game.

Quote from Coach: “As a united team, we wield squash as a tool for empowerment and inspiration, carrying the torch of tradition while igniting the flame of progress”