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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: Hesham Elsayed
Assistant Coach: Blair Dils

Men’s Team Captains: Will Evans & Andrew Minnis
Women’s Team Captains: Nora Brant & Theresa Kay

Men’s Team Roster:

  1. Nick Agger 
  2. Alex Akbari 
  3. Cam Darnell 
  4. Will Evans 
  5. Pierce Henderson 
  6. Asher Leavy 
  7. Andrew Lee 
  8. Jack Lee 
  9. Leonard Lee 
  10. Hudson Lin
  11. Chas Merrill 
  12. Andrew Minnis 
  13. John Nicholson 
  14. Gabe Ramirez 
  15. Rafay Syed

Team Goal: Finish top 10

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Nora Brant 
  2. Anabelle Chang
  3. Giselle Ciriaco 
  4. Deena Iqbal 
  5. Naomi Jefferson-Sambanis 
  6. Anika Kakarla 
  7. Theresa Kay 
  8. Sophia Koehler 
  9. Rachel Miller 
  10. Roshni Pal 
  11. Rhea Pandit 
  12. Amanda Solecki 
  13. Melanie Wang

Team Goal: Finish top 12

Quote from Coach: "Our men's team is loaded with returning players who have been willing to put in the work to move higher up in the rankings. With so many new faces on the women's team--half of the team will be first-years--it's hard to predict how we'll do but optimism is very high"