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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: Mark Talbott
Assistant Coach: Nick Talbott

Women’s Team Captains: Lucia Bicknell and Si Yi Ma

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Abigail Alemayeho 
  2. Maeve Baker 
  3. Lucia Bicknell 
  4. Miriam Cheng 
  5. Mariana Narvaez Dardon
  6. Mary Duffy 
  7. Yuvna Gupta 
  8. Madison Ho 
  9. Khushi Kukadia 
  10. Si Yi Ma
  11. Leah McGillicuddy 
  12. Isabella Rolfe 

Team Goal: Get back into the top eight A Division

Quote from Coach: “Rise like the Phoenix”