Media/Broadcast Policy

Commercial Use: The College Squash Association has been and, in the future, will be entering into transactions with various media companies to provide media coverage for its various events. There are limitations imposed by these media companies on the spectators, coaches, athletes, and volunteer members of College Squash Association, including prohibiting photographing, video recording and other audio/visual recordings for commercial non-personal use, and broadcasting, publishing and disseminating the product for any and all commercial purposes. These recording, broadcasting, publishing and disseminating restrictions apply to all media, including such outlets as YouTube, etc.

Educational/Personal Use: This policy allows for video recording for educational and personal purposes but prohibits others from recording and then attempting to sell or post on other sites. Any photographs, video recordings or other audio and/or visual recordings of the event created by a spectator may be used solely for such spectator’s personal non-commercial use, and may not be broadcast, published or disseminated, or used for any commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the College Squash Association.

In addition, colleges and universities participating in the match may record video for educational and personal use.

Media Access/Credential Requirement: For regular season events, the host college, university, or squash venue controls media access. Please contact the college’s or university’s sports information department to inquire about media credentials.

For College Squash Association championship events, members of the media are required to obtain credentials to cover the event. Media members should contact US Squash or the College Squash Association’s Executive Administrator to request credentials to cover the championships.

Player Consent: For College Squash Association regular and post season matches, players participating in the event automatically consent to the photographing, video recording, and publication of their matches by the College Squash Association, the college/university, and/or any College Squash Association media partner.

Player Objection: If a College Squash Association team member objects to being photographed or video taped during their match, such activity must stop immediately by parties other than those approved by the College Squash Association.

In the case of players under the age of 18, if the player or coach, parent or guardian of the player objects to the use of a photographic device within the court by parties other than those approved by the College Squash Association, the objecting party may request the use be discontinued.