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2023-24 Season Preview

Men’s Head Coach: Sean Wilkinson
Men’s Assistant Coach: Alan Clune
Women’s Head Coach: Gail Ramsay
Women’s Assistant Coach: Heba El Torky

Men’s Team Captains: Alastair Chi, Arin Mukherjee, & Thomas Rosini
Women’s Team Captains: Katherine Glaser, Olivia Robinson, & Caroline Spahr

Men’s Team Roster: 

  1. Avi Agarwal
  2. Zain Ahmed
  3. David Beeson
  4. Sam Chiang
  5. Alastair Cho
  6. Karim Elbarbary
  7. William Ezratty
  8. Hassan Khalil
  9. Maaz Khatri
  10. James Kontulis
  11. Gordon Lam
  12. Arin Mukherjee
  13. Hollis Robertson
  14. Justin Rosini
  15. Thomis Rosini
  16. Federico Sosa
  17. Ahmed Wael

Team Goal: Win Ivy League and Nationals

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Charlotte Elisabeth Bell 
  2. Molly Chadwick 
  3. Katherine Glaser 
  4. Josephine Klein 
  5. Constance Nelson 
  6. Isabel Paine 
  7. Olivia Robinson 
  8. Katherine Sapinski 
  9. Sonya Sasson 
  10. Abigail Schuster 
  11. Saachi Singh 
  12. Caroline Spahr 
  13. India Stephenson 
  14. Lucy Stephenson 
  15. Liyen Teoh 
  16. Emma Trauber 
  17. Kristen Weil 
  18. Zeina Zein El Din

Team Goal: To reach our potential for 2023-24 season, work hard each and everyday and consistently support each other

Quote from Coach: "We have a tremendous amount of depth this year with 7 experienced seniors who have great leadership skills and when combined with a very talented incoming class of 2027 our potential is limitless” - Gail Ramsay

Quote from Coach: “Obviously we want to learn from last year’s experiences and really focus on ourselves. We have a strong leadership group and we are excited to see what a ton of hard work can produce this year” - Sean Wilkinson