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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: Mark Lewis
Assistant Coach: David Cromwell

Men’s Team Captains: Pk Keller, Kian Lalji, & Alex Stimpson
Women’s Team Captains: Maya Bardorf & Eva Finney

Men’s Team Roster:

  1. Alexis Ballo
  2. Caleb Boateng
  3. Charlie Clifford
  4. Adrian Diaz
  5. Nathan Feinstein
  6. Kian Kardestuncer
  7. Pk Keller
  8. Theo Kogan
  9. Kian Lalji
  10. Noah Lazar
  11. Will Lichstein
  12. Will Quigley
  13. Julian Sandoval
  14. Alex Stimpson
  15. Gabe Thin
  16. David Zhao

Team Goal: Compete well against our NESCAC opponents

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Maya Bardorf
  2. Lindsey Burnham
  3. Clementine Campbell
  4. Margaux Comai
  5. Eva Finney
  6. Abby Holding
  7. Abbie Peterson
  8. Annabel Pick
  9. Maya Reedich
  10. Izzy Ronda
  11. Madeline Schwarz
  12. Sabrina Schwarz
  13. Kieran Suntha

Team Goal: Compete well against teams near us in the rankings and get into the B division

Quote from Coach: “That they give themselves to the process of learning and loving the game and to do that with joy and respect for each other and their opponents”