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2023-24 Season Preview

Head Coach: Niki Clement
Assistant Coach: Mitun Das

Men’s Team Captains: Peter Lehv & Ben Schiltz
Women’s Team Captains: Maya Johnson-Fraidin & Emi Krishnamurthy

Men’s Team Roster:

  1. Frances Betkowski
  2. Zadoc Bond 
  3. Daniel Braun 
  4. Garret Fantini 
  5. Aaryaman Jaising 
  6. Arvin Krishnan
  7. Peter Lehv 
  8. Ali Nurkhaidarov 
  9. Ted Pyle 
  10. Ben Schiltz 
  11. Kai Schinaman 
  12. Matt Sullivan 
  13. Noah Tunis 
  14. Qianzhi Zhao

Team Goal: As a team, to continually climb towards competing at our highest standard, and reaching new heights as competitors, as the season progresses

Women’s Team Roster:

  1. Matilda Chartener
  2. Maria Danial 
  3. Catherine Fortin 
  4. Aman Hamdard 
  5. Nayera Hasan 
  6. Maya Johnson-Fraidin
  7. Sarah Kotapka
  8. Emi Krishnamurthy 
  9. Zoe Liu 
  10. Lily Matthews 
  11. Sabine Mejia 
  12. Amy Saxon 
  13. Ariana Solecki 
  14. Amelia Stevens

Team Goal: To continue to work as a cohesive group towards competing at a high standard of play every time we compete for Haverford College

Quote from Coach: “The Haverford Men's team has always taken great pride in competing for something much bigger than just one individual. I expect and hope that the team carries this mentality forward into this '23-24 season, as it has always been one of the greatest joys for me as coach to witness. Each player's role is essential to our success as a program, and the team's understanding of this, and motivation to play for each other, has always been an important part in what makes us achieve what we are aiming for. I am lucky to coach a group of players with such a devotion to their team”

Quote from Coach: “The Haverford women's team has come together in recent years as poised competitors. We are excited about this '23-24 season because it is an opportunity for our underclassmen to rise to the occasion of competing well when the stakes are high, and for our upperclassmen to use their past experiences to their advantage and play as best as they can during the excitement of tight competition. I am proud of what this team has accomplished and excited for what is to come”