Below is a quick reference guide to essential information for coaches.

Here is a link to the 2014 – 2015 CSA Coaches’ Book.



  • All-Americans – Rules regarding MCSA and WCSA All-Americans
  • Club Program Guide – Documentation for non-varsity programs.
  • Eligibility Rules – CSA, NCAA, and Conference Rules regarding player eligibility.
  • Ethics Guidelines – Coaches and player ethical guidelines and what a coach should do if he or she has an ethical disagreement with an opposing coach.
  • Eyewear Rules – CSA mandates eyewear for all on-court sessions (i.e. practice, warm-up, or singles or doubles competition).
  • Lets/Strokes – Rules for lets and strokes, include let/stroke diagram.
  • Marking/Refereeing– General guidelines for marking/refereeing, the referee’s role, the marker’s role, match introduction, injury and illness rules, levels of enforcement.
    • On-Court Conduct – Describes inappropriate on-court conduct, such as verbal or physical abuse, equipment abuse, profanity, and time wasting. The CSA mandates that inappropriate conduct is subject to the level of enforcement.
  • Match Play Rules – Describes match play rules, line-ups for regular season matches, and control of a venue.
  • Men’s Bylaws– The rules establishing the governance of the MCSA.
    • Awards Criteria (M) – The procedures around the MCSA’s awards.
  • National Championship Eligibility – Rules to qualify for team and individual championships
  • Penalties/Fines – Describes the penalties for late payment, ethics and rule violations, late submittal of match scores, etc.
  • Ranking Rules – Describes the team and individual ranking procedures, team ranking tie-breaking procedures, eligible/recognized CSA teams, varsity proximity matches policy, publication schedule, appeal process, and score reporting obligation.
  • Sportsmanship Statement – CSA’s statement on sportsmanship for student-athletes, coaches, staff and spectators.
  • Women’s Bylaws– The rules establishing the governance of the WCSA.


Team Championships

Individual Championships