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Week 5 Preview: November 29 to December 6

Week 5: November 29 to December 6Match of the Week 

WomenNo. 25 Franklin & Marshall vs. No. 23 Wesleyan 

This Saturday morning, The Diplomats are set to host Wesleyan in a highly anticipated match. With a rivalry that dates back to 1975, the women’s teams from F&M and Wesleyan have consistently delivered closely-fought matches. This weekend promises to continue this tradition of competitive and thrilling matches.

MenNo. 7 Columbia vs. No. 6 Drexel

Drexel will travel to New York to take on Columbia in the CSA Men’s Match of the Week at noon on Sunday. While last year Drexel had a shutout against Columbia, this year it is projected to be a much closer match. The Lions look to continue this season’s winning streak and is aiming to move further up the rankings with another upset. Will the Dragons be the team to stop them?

Order of Play 

3-Court System

5-Court System