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CSA Announces 2022-2023 Scholar-Athletes

The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced the Men’s and Women’s Scholar-Athlete honorees for the 2022-2023 season.

The Scholar-Athlete Award was granted this season to varsity juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, earned at least two varsity letters, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top 10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution. For full criteria, please see here.

CSA Scholar-Athletes embody the values of the association – achieving a high level of play on court while excelling in the classroom. This year, Amherst College had the most CSA Scholar-Athletes. Between the Men’s and Women’s team, Amherst had a total of 10 Scholar-Athletes.

The CSA congratulates all of this year’s recipients!

2022-2023 Men’s CSA Scholar-Athletes:

Amherst College Andrew Leung
Amherst College Neal Malani
Amherst College Kedar Nagaraj
Amherst College Yeshwin Sankuratri
Amherst College Charlie Sutherby
Bowdoin College Justin Barr
Bowdoin College Jackson Rho
Bowdoin College Henry Somerby
Chatham University Abdul Malik Khan
Chatham University Mohamed Sadek
Colby College Dylan Tymkiw
Columbia University Harold Castiaux
Columbia University Rutvik Rau
Columbia University Sameer Saxena
Columbia University Chaitanya Shah
Cornell University Nicholas Goth Errington
Cornell University Humza Khan
Cornell University Spencer Yager
Dickinson College Omar Ali
Dickinson College Mark Naguib
Drexel University Matias Knudsen
Drexel University Filip Krueger
Fordham University Nicholas Choo
Hamilton College Nicholas Carabatsos
Hamilton College Waleed Nisar
Hamilton College William Rice
Harvard University Ido Burstein
Harvard University George Crowne
Haverford College Quinton Crawford
Haverford College Peter Lehv
Haverford College Ben Schiltz
Hobart College Hussein Labib
Hobart College Giacomo Dalle Molle
MIT Nikhil Kakarla
MIT Eli Kramer
MIT Matt McManus
University of Pennsylvania Saksham Choudhary
University of Pennsylvania Nicholas Spizzirri
Princeton University Alastair Cho
Trinity College Julius Benthin
Tufts University Vivaan Jaikishan
Tufts University Shloke Sahay
Tufts University Kunal Valia
University of Virginia Edward Durfee
University of Virginia Cullen Little
University of Virginia Tyler Mackesy
Vassar College Joshua Finkelstein
Vassar College Rithik Jalali
Vassar College Sameer Mustafa
Wesleyan University John Sutherby
Williams College Will Evans
Williams College Charles Merrill
Williams College Udai Pal
Yale University Jed Burde
Yale University Siow Yee Xian


2022-2023 Women’s CSA Scholar-Athletes:

Amherst College Callie Delalio
Amherst College Blair Englert
Amherst College Daksha Pathak
Amherst College Margaret Pearson
Amherst College Lauren Weil
Bates College Cordelia Dotson
Bates College Erica Parker
Bowdoin College Sophie Barber
Bowdoin College Clio Bersani
Bowdoin College Caroline Glaser
Bowdoin College Skyler Spaulding
Bowdoin College Ursula Sze
Chatham University Yushi Zhang
Colby College Greta Drefke
Columbia University Elizabeth Lentz
Columbia University Erica McGillicuddy
Columbia University Ellie McVeigh
Cornell University Sydney Bednar
Cornell University Ania LaDow
Cornell University McKenna Stoltz
Cornell University Sivasangari Subramaniam
Cornell University Lily Zelov
Dartmouth College Claire Aube
Dartmouth College Jesse Brownell
Dartmouth College Ellie Burke
Dartmouth College Neeya Patel
Dartmouth College Emily Schuster
Dartmouth College Priya Verma
Denison University Lindsey Cruikshank
Dickinson College Amna Fayyaz
Dickinson College Ellissa Goldman
Dickinson College Elizabeth Howerton
Dickinson College Doxey Loupassi
Drexel University Alina Bushma
Drexel University Margot Prow
Drexel University Ciara Richards
Drexel University Hatti Specter
Drexel University Lara Varma
Franklin and Marshall College Iman Jaikishan
Franklin and Marshall College Aryaa Ogale
Franklin and Marshall College Zoe Quayle
Georgetown University Sarah Conner
Georgetown University Margaret Rand
Georgetown University Nina Thomas
Georgetown University Caroline Wilcox
Hamilton College Eliana Good
Hamilton College Natalie Harrity
Hamilton College Katherine Hodulik
Hamilton College Hope Worcester
Harvard University Evie Coxon
Harvard University Serena Daniel
Harvard University Charlotte Orcutt
Harvard University Brittany Sun
Harvard University Grace Steelman
Harvard University Marina Stefanoni
Haverford College Caroline Smith
Haverford College Lyvia Yan
Haverford College Emilia Zegers
Middlebury College Caroline Arena
Middlebury College Maya Bardorf
Middlebury College Eva Finney
Middlebury College Grace Santoro
Mount Holyoke Dnyaneshwari Haware
University of Pennsylvania Ashley Manning
University of Pennsylvania Penny Oh
University of Pennsylvania Eujung Park
University of Pennsylvania Navmi Sharma
Princeton University Katherine Glaser
Princeton University Olivia Robinson
Tufts University Kate Chang
Tufts University Ami Sao
Tufts University Isabella Schneider
Tufts University Sanjana Vissapragada
Tufts University Ellyn Xu
Trinity College Nanna Carleke
Trinity College Madeleine Hylland
Stanford University Lucia Bicknell
University of Virginia Meagan Best
University of Virginia Maria Moya
Vassar College OIivia Berkson
Williams College Haley Jefferson
Williams College Mira Kamat
Williams College Isabel Kelly
Williams College Quan Ng
Yale University Brianna Jefferson
Yale University Elisabeth Ross
Yale University Sneha Sivakumar