College Squash Reminders (10/16/2016)


Hatfield, MA — On Sunday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts.

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

A few reminders…

Team Roster and Schedule Updates: The 2016-2017 CSA league is posted online and available for CSA coaches to update their rosters for the season.

Here are links to the instructions on how to add/remove players from your rosters, enter match results, and modify your schedule.

Remember, as a coach or team contact, you may create a US Squash account for a player who does not have one (see the Managing Your Roster link). You do not have to wait for the individual player to create an account.

If you are not listed as a coach on your team’s page, please contact Dent Wilkens to have your team’s page updated.

Squash Ball Orders: With the season starting, the CSA encourages you to take advantage of the organization’s relationship with Dunlop to order the balls you need for the year. Revenue from the sales goes to the CSA and helps us meet our mission of supporting continued success of college squash. Balls are sold for $30/dozen. Please contact Dent Wilkens with any questions related to squash ball orders. To place your order, please visit the following link.

Contact Information: If you are receiving this reminder and are no longer your team’s contact, please let Dent Wilkens and Michael T. Bello ASAP.