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Dunlop Women’s College Squash Individual Rankings (3/1/2016)

[rankingimage]Hatfield, MA — This weekend, the 2015 – 2016 Women’s College Squash Association Individual Championships will be played at Chelsea Piers (Stamford, CT).

The event will feature the Ramsay Cup (A Division, top 16) and four B Draws (players seeded 33 – 80). Below are the individual rankings that will be used for the tournament. For the WCSA, each varsity team is guaranteed one entry into the tournament, with the remaining positions based on individual rankings.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile.  For this reason, only players entering the tournament have been ranked.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Kanzy El Defrawy (Trinity College)
  2. Sabrina Sobhy (Harvard University)
  3. Reeham Sedky (Pennsylvania, University of)
  4. Olivia Fiechter (Princeton University)
  5. Kayley Leonard (Harvard University)
  6. Anaka Alankamony (Pennsylvania, University of)
  7. Maria Elena Urbina (Princeton University)
  8. Raneem Sharaf (Trinity College)
  9. Yan Xin Tan (Pennsylvania, University of)
  10. Laila Samy (Wesleyan University)
  11. Jenny Scherl (Yale University)
  12. Anna Porras (George Washington University)
  13. Alyssa Mehta (Harvard University)
  14. Marie Stephan (Pennsylvania, University of)
  15. Celine Yeap (Yale University)
  16. Haley Hughes (Drexel University)
  17. Madeleine Gill (Stanford University)
  18. Rachel Leizman (Princeton University)
  19. Tanvi Khanna (Columbia University)
  20. Breanne Flynn (George Washington University)
  21. Anna Kimberly (Trinity College)
  22. Shiyuan Mao (Yale University)
  23. Madlen O’Connor (Columbia University)
  24. Zandra Ho (Stanford University)
  25. Rachel Scherman (Cornell University)
  26. Sarah Bell (Stanford University)
  27. Kristyna Alexova (Bates College)
  28. Quincy Beck (Brown University)
  29. Michelle Wong (Pennsylvania, University of)
  30. Ryan Morgan (Drexel University)
  31. Jennifer Haley (Trinity College)
  32. Tara Shannon (Stanford University)
  33. Sherilyn Yang (Franklin & Marshall College)
  34. Reyna Pacheco (Columbia University)
  35. Fiona Murphy (Franklin & Marshall College)
  36. Catherine Jenkins (Columbia University)
  37. Alexandra Toth (Princeton University)
  38. Jillian Baker (St. Lawrence University)
  39. Nicole Friedman (Williams College)
  40. Emma Uible (Cornell University)
  41. Sarah Nelson (Bowdoin College)
  42. Saumya Karki (Harvard University)
  43. Sachika Balvani (Trinity College)
  44. Kira Keating (Princeton University)
  45. Dileas MacGowen (Harvard University)
  46. Hedvika Suchankova (Dickinson College)
  47. Samantha Chai (Princeton University)
  48. Haidi Lala (Pennsylvania, University of)
  49. Sophie Mehta (Harvard University)
  50. Selena Maity (Yale University)
  51. Saskia Pownal Gray (Middlebury College)
  52. Haley Parsons (Williams College)
  53. Victoria Arjoon (Bates College)
  54. Victoria Dewey (Dartmouth College)
  55. Rebecca Brownell (Dartmouth College)
  56. Mary Fung-A-Fat (Drexel University)
  57. Skylar Murphy (Brown University)
  58. Rachel Newman (Hamilton College)
  59. Torey Lee (Bowdoin College)
  60. Tiffany Hau (Middlebury College)
  61. Kim Krayacich (Amherst College)
  62. Alexia Echeverria (Trinity College)
  63. Sarah Zhang (Wellesley College)
  64. Charlotte Knaggs (Cornell University)
  65. Fiona Power (Drexel University)
  66. Paget Stanco (Tufts University)
  67. Carey Danforth (Virginia, University of)
  68. Emily Caldwell (Franklin & Marshall College)
  69. Brandy Williamson (Mount Holyoke College)
  70. Karol Holinkova (Trinity College)
  71. Marina Crowe (MIT)
  72. Lydie McKenzie (Dartmouth College)
  73. Anandita Gupta (Denison Univresity)
  74. Isabel Hirschberg (Princeton University)
  75. Nicole Feshbach (Williams College)
  76. Janel Gaube (Dartmouth College)
  77. Abigail Shonrock (George Washington University)
  78. Leah Barnet (Columbia University)
  79. Emily Richmond (Brown University)
  80. Emily Terry (St. Lawrence University)


  1. Zoe Kagan (St. Lawrence University)
  2. Ananya Mahalingham-Dhingra (Williams College)
  3. Haley McAtee (Amherst College)
  4. Alexa Horowitz (Bowdoin College)
  5. Esther Baek (Williams College)
  6. Meera Nayar (Wellesley College)
  7. Emily Sherwood (Yale University)
  8. Nicole DeLuca (Dickinson College)
  9. Allison Shilling (Mount Holyoke College)
  10. Madeline Tomlinson (Yale University)
  11. Gabrielle Garr (Princeton University)
  12. Adele Bernhard (Columbia University)
  13. Ashley Suan (Yale University)
  14. Kate Feeley (Princeton University)