2015 Women’s College Squash Association National Team Championship Brackets


College Squash AssociationNorthampton, MA —  Below are the brackets for the 2015 Women’s National Team Championships. The event is being played this weekend, February 13th-15th. Matches will be played at Harvard University and MIT.

This year there will be 44 teams participating in six divisions: Howe Cup (A Division), Kurtz Cup (B Division), Walker Cup (C Division), Epps Cup (D Division), the E Division, and the F Division.

Visit CollegeSquashAssociation.com throughout the weekend for frequent updates related to the tournament.

Attractions and Restaurants: For area attractions and restaurant listings, please visit HarvardSquare.com.

Parking: Parking for team buses and vans is available in the back parking lot of the Murr Center; there is a designated area. There is limited general parking available in the Murr Center lot, however, additional parking is available in the Harvard Business School lot on Western Ave.

For Sunday, team buses may still park at the Murr Center, but Harvard has asked that all other parents/fans park at the Business School parking lot, 125 Western Ave, Boston MA.​

Coaches’ Meeting: Friday, 8:30 PM at the Lee Family Hall of Athletic History at the Murr Center.

Sportsmanship and Refereeing at Team Championships: There will be professional referees at the 2015 Women’s National Team Championships. Coaches, please review the Sportsmanship and Refereeing at Team Championships article with your team prior to competition.

Awards Ceremony: Please note that due to the impending snow storm, Saturday’s Awards Presentation at Harvard is now canceled.  

Marking and Refereeing: Please note that for each match, the lower ranked team will referee the odd matches, while the higher ranked team will referee the evens.

Web Streaming: Web-streaming of select courts (1 – 5, and Glass) will be available on the Ivy League Digital Network.



Court Key (Link is for Directions): H = Harvard UniversityMIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

2015 Howe Cup (A Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Yale, 6-3 Yale (GW Withdrew)  George Washington Harvard (1) Harvard, 9-0  Harvard, 5-4 Harvard, 7-2
George Washington (8)
 Yale Yale (5) Princeton, 6-3
Princeton (4)
Cornell, 8-1  Cornell Trinity (3)  Trinity, 9-0 Trinity, 5-4
Cornell (6)
 Columbia Columbia (7)  Penn, 9-0
Penn (2)

3-4 Playoff: Princeton d. Penn, 5-4
7-8 Playoff: Cancelled

2015 Kurtz Cup (B Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Cancelled Middlebury, 7-2 Bates Dartmouth (9) Dartmouth, 6-3 Dartmouth, 7-2 Stanford, 6-3
Bates (16)
Middlebury Middlebury (13) Williams, 7-2
Williams (12)
Drexel, 8-1 Franklin & Marshall Brown (11) Brown, 6-3 Stanford, 6-3
 Franklin & Marshall (14)
Drexel Drexel (15) Stanford, 7-2
Stanford (10)

11-12 Playoff: Brown d. Williams, 7-2
15-16 Playoff: Cancelled

2015 Walker Cup (C Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
 Cancelled St. Lawrence, 8-1  Wellesley Amherst (17)  Amherst, 9-0  Amherst, 7-2  Amherst, 6-3
Wellesley (24)
 St. Lawrence Colby (21) Colby, 5-4
St. Lawrence (20)
 Wesleyan, 8-1  Wesleyan Bowdoin (19) Bowdoin, 8-1  Bowdoin, 6-3
Wesleyan (22)
 Virginia Virginia (23)  Hamilton, 7-2
Hamilton (18)

19-20 Playoff: Cancelled
23-24 Playoff: Virginia d. Wellesley, 7-2

2015 Epps Cup (D Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
 Cancelled  Boston College, 5-4  Boston College William Smith (25)  William Smith, 9-0  William Smith, 5-4 Tufts,7-2
Boston College (32)
 Georgetown Georgetown (29)  Mount Holyoke, 8-1
Mount Holyoke (28)
 Johns Hopkins, 7-2 Johns Hopkins Conn College (27)  Conn College, 7-2  Tufts, 8-1
Johns Hopkins (30)
Haverford Haverford (31)  Tufts, 7-2
Tufts (26)

27-28 Playoff: Conn College d. Mount Holyoke, 5-4
31-32 Playoff: Cancelled

2015 E Division

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
 Cancelled  Smith (Rochester withdrew)  Rochester Vassar  (33)  Vassar, 8-1  Northwestern, 7-2 Dickinson,6-3
Rochester (40)
 Smith Northwestern  (37)  Northwestern, 7-2
Smith (36)
 Colgate  Bucknell (Withdrew) Bucknell (35)  Washington in St. Louis  Dickinson, 8-1
Washington in St. Louis (38)
 Colgate Colgate (39)  Dickinson, 9-0
Dickinson (34)

35-36 Playoff: Cancelled
39-40 Playoff: Cancelled

2015 F Division

Live Results

  • Match 1: NYU d. Minnesota, 5-3
  • Match 2: Boston University d. Northeastern, 7-2
  • Match 3: Northeastern d. NYU, 5-4
  • Match 4: Boston University d. Minnesota, 9-0
  • Match 5: Boston University d. NYU, 8-1
  • Match 6: Northeastern d. Minnesota, 4-4 (15 games to 13 games)