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Documentary on the 2012-2013 Trinity College Men’s Squash Team

Hartford, CT — During the 2012 – 2013 college squash season, observers may have noticed an extra person with the men’s squash team at Trinity College. This person was Marc DiBenedetto, a Trinity senior who was filming a documentary, “All In,” on the squad. DiBenedetto explains, “I wanted to make a documentary film on one of the College’s sports team. I chose the Trinity Squash team because of their unparallelled success on the court, winning 252 matches in a row, including 13 consecutive National Championships. In addition, the story of ‘reclaiming’ the national title after losing in the National Finals in 2012 made for even more drama.” Since graduation, DiBenedetto has been in Los Angeles, CA, working as a Production Assistant with Fox Sports. Recently, “All In” was released on YouTube.