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2013-2014 Dunlop Women’s College Squash Club Team Rankings (12/8/2013)

[rankingimage] Northampton, MA — The College Squash Association is composed of varsity programs and club programs. Currently, there are 14 women’s club teams that are ranked.

Club programs are reminded that to qualify for one of the nine player divisions at the 2013 – 2014 Women’s National Team Championships they are required to play eight (8) matches against other CSA teams. Club teams must play at least four (4) matches between January 1st and February 10th. At minimum, each team should have at least five (5) different opponents. In addition, for a regular season match to officially count for ranking purposes, each team must have at least seven players. Except for Emerging Teams, matches with less than seven players per team will not count towards the required number of matches for entry into the National Team Championships.

Below are the club rankings as of December 8, 2013. Listed after each school’s name is their overall ranking.

  1. Virginia, University of (27)
  2. Boston College (29)
  3. Georgetown University (30)
  4. Johns Hopkins University (31)
  5. Northeastern University (33)
  6. California (35)
  7. New York University (36)
  8. Rochester, University of (37)
  9. Northwestern University (38)
  10. Fordham University (39)
  11. Minnesota, University of (40)
  12. Denison University (41)
  13. Washington University in St. Louis (42)
  14. Notre Dame, University of (43)