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Amherst: 2013 – 2014 Men’s College Squash Season Preview

Amherst College Amherst, MA — If this were blackjack, Amherst would be in the money. But two years at number 21 is quite enough for the Jeffs, and they are looking to improve on their final ranking. They will have to be patient, though: three starters from last season will be abroad during the first part of the season. Head coach Peter Robson sees the absences as opportunities: “With players abroad during the fall semester, incoming players have a chance to make a place for themselves in the ladder.” The five new players joining the team are Darian Ehsani, Michael Groot, Jacob Pfau, Jeremy Van, and Peter Woolverton. As always, the Little III Championship against Williams and Wesleyan will be an important match for Amherst. Amherst had a close loss to Wesleyan at last year’s event but rebounded a week later to defeat the Cardinals at the NESCAC championship. Expect more exciting competition from the schools this season.

2012-2013 SEASON RECAP

Season Record: 12-13

Final Ranking: 21

Team Championships: 5th in the Summers Cup


Program Status: Varsity

Head Coach: Peter Robson

Returning Players from Team Championships: 1. Noah Browne (2016 – First Team All-NESCAC); 4. David Kerr (2014 – Scholar Athlete; NESCAC All-Academic); 5. Alex Southmayd (2015 – NESCAC All-Academic);  7. Stephen Cacouris (2016);  9. Rodrigo Quan-Miranda (2014 – NESCAC All-Academic); 10. Kelvin Chen (2016).

Abroad during the Fall Semester: 3. Scott DeSantis (2015 – NESCAC All-Academic); 6. Max Kardon (2015 – NESCAC All-Academic); 8. Jake Albert (2015); Emmet Knowlton (2016);

Graduated/Non-Returning Players from 2012-2013 Team Championships: 2. Charles Loesch-Quintin (2013 – NESCAC All-Sportsmanship); 11. Nick Sorrentino (2013 – NESCAC All-Academic);

Additions to the 2013-2014 Roster:

    • Additions: Darian Ehsani, Michael Groot, Jacob Pfau, Jeremy Van, and Peter Woolverton

Captains: David Kerr and Alex Southmayd

Team Goals: Move into the top 20

Key Matches: Wesleyan and Williams

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