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Liberty League Squash Standings (12/16/2009)

Northampton, MA — With few Liberty League matches scheduled for 2010, the Liberty League standings appear complete for the 2009 – 2010 college squash season. Rochester will host Hobart  on February 10th, while William Smith will host Rochester on February 20th.

The Liberty League held its 2009 tournament at St. Lawrence University in November.  Vassar captured its second consecutive women’s title.  For the men, Rochester won the tournament.  In early December, William Smith senior Emily Hazenberg chronicled her team’s experience at the tournament for CollegeSquashAssociation.com.

This season marks the debut of the women’s club team at Rochester.  Although they did not participate in the Liberty League Championships, their match with William Smith was factored into the Liberty League standings.  In addition, although Hamilton is a member of the Liberty League in many sports, they participate in NESCAC for squash.

The Liberty League standings are the win/loss totals against other Liberty League opponents and are not the same as national rankings.  The standings were calculated using the following criteria in order of importance: win percentage against league opponents, number of wins against league opponents, and the number of losses against league opponents.  If there is still a tie, head-to-head results are considered.

Women’s Liberty League Squash Standings through December 16th:

  1. Vassar (2-0 – Defeated St. Lawrence and William Smith)
  2. St. Lawrence (1-1 – Defeated William Smith, Lost to Vassar)
  3. William Smith (1-2 – Defeated Rochester, Lost to St. Lawrence and Vassar)
  4. Rochester (0-1 – Lost to William Smith)

Men’s Liberty League Squash Standings through December 16th:

  1. Rochester (3-0 – Defeated Hobart, St. Lawrence, and Vassar)
  2. St. Larwence (1-2 – Defeated Vassar and Hobart, Lost to Rochester)
  3. Hobart (1-2 – Defeated Vassar, Lost to Rochester, St. Lawrence)
  4. Vassar (Lost to St. Lawrence, Hobart, and Rochester)