(C) Walker Cup

Women’s teams ranked seventeenth through twenty-fourth compete for the Walker Cup, a permanent trophy presented to the winners of the C division of the National Team Championships.

The Walker Cup is named for Dale Walker. After working at squash clubs in Baltimore and Newport, Walker became the coach of Yale’s women’s team in 1981, leading the Bulldogs to national titles in 1986 and 1992. A long-time contributor to the development of the College Squash Association, Walker has continued to stay involved with college squash since her 1998 retirement from Yale through her work as a squash photographer. Walker was inducted into the College Squash Hall of Fame in 2000.


  • 1998: Wesleyan University (Patti Klecha-Porter)
  • 1999: Vassar College (Craig Thorpe-Clark)
  • 2000: Hamilton College
  • 2001: Connecticut College
  • 2002: Vassar College (Jane Parker)
  • 2003: Mount Holyoke College (Katie Hawke)
  • 2004: Middlebury College (Dave Saward)
  • 2005: Middlebury College (Dave Saward)
  • 2006: William Smith College (Chip Fishback)
  • 2007: William Smith College (Chip Fishback)
  • 2008: Vassar College (Jane Parker)
  • 2009: Amherst College (Thomas Carmean)
  • 2010: George Washington University (Maura Myers)
  • 2011: Franklin & Marshall (John White)
  • 2012: George Washington University (Wendy Lawrence)
  • 2013: Bowdoin College (Tomas Fortson)
  • 2014: Amherst College (Peter Robson)
  • 2015: Amherst College (Peter Robson)
  • 2016: Bates College (Pat Cosquer)
  • 2017: Amherst College (Peter Robson)