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2018-2019 CSA Men’s Scholar Athletes Released

The College Squash Association (CSA) has released the Men’s Scholar Athlete and Academic Recognition Awardees for the 2018-2019 season.

The Scholar Athlete Award (varsity team players) and Academic Recognition Award (club team players) is granted to juniors or seniors who have played on the team throughout their college career, participated in the majority of the team’s matches in the top-10 of the lineup during the season, and achieved a high academic standing at their institution. For full criteria, please see here.

CSA Scholar Athletes represent the values of the association, specifically including student-athletes achieving a high level of play on court while excelling in the classroom. The CSA congratulates all of this year’s awardees.

2018-2019 Men’s CSA Scholar Athlete Award Recipients:

Jason Brodo (Colby College)
Timmy Brownell (Harvard University)
Satya Butler (Bowdoin College)
Anand Butler (Williams College)
Benjamin Caraballo (Brown University)
Will Cembalest (Middlebury College)
Drew Clark (Bowdoin College)
Neel Das (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Tom De Mulder (Trinity College)
Brandon De Otaduy Nam (Dartmouth College)
Philip Demeulenaere (Brown University)
Julian Dime (Bard College)
Ben Eisenberg (Williams College)
Jacob Ellen (Middlebury College)
Sam Epley (Dartmouth College)
Louie Feingold (Connecticut College)
John Fitzgerald (Williams College)
Matthew Giegerich (Dartmouth College)
Blake Gilbert-Bono (Brown University)
Palak Goel (Brown University)
Alexi Gosset (Harvard University)
Elliot Gross (Colby College)
Caden Gruber (Vassar College)
Perry Hanson (Cornell University)
Sean Hughes (Harvard University)
Karim Hussein (University of Pennsylvania)
Michael Kacergis (U.S. Naval Academy)
Jacob Kagan (Middlebury College)
Wonjune Kang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Harith Khawaja (Amherst College)
Lawrence Kuhn (University of Rochester)
Yahya Ladiwala (Wesleyan University)
Juan Sebastian Laguna (George Washington University)
Joshua Lane (Wesleyan University)
Andrew Lee (Trinity College)
James Losty (Yale University)
Adham Madi (Columbia University)
Robin Mann (Columbia University)
Ian Mansfield (Colby College)
Calvin McCafferty (Yale University)
William Means (Williams College)
Theo Mendez (Harvard University)
David Merkel (Amherst College)
Drew Monroe (Dartmouth College)
Andrew Muran (Cornell University)
Frank Murray (Franklin & Marshall College)
James Paolella (Cornell University)
Henry Parkhurst (Princeton University)
Travers Parsons-Grayson (Vassar College)
Andrew Phillips (Bowdoin College)
Nicholas Pitaro (Brown University)
Aidan Porges (Tufts University)
Adhitya Raghavan (Princeton University)
Brett Raskopf (Tufts University)
Royston Raymond (Drexel University)
Max Reed (University of Pennsylvania)
Jared Scherl (Cornell University)
Carl Shuck (Williams College)
Carson Spahr (Dartmouth College)
Theodore Webb (Bard College)
Thomas Wolpow (Middlebury College)
Jonathan Zeitels (University of Pennsylvania)
Christopher Zimmerman (Amherst College)

2018-2019 Men’s CSA Academic Recognition Award Recipients:

Elliot Adland (Denison University)
Matthew Bernstein (Stanford University)
Thomas Hantzmon (University of Chicago)
Yousef Hindy (Stanford University)
Timothy Hoang (University of Chicago)
Angus Lam (Swarthmore College)
Alvaro Magana (Denison University)
Christian Megherby (University of Richmond)
Jay Modin (University of Chicago)
Matthew Peterson (Swarthmore College)
Yanghan Qi (Swarthmore College)
Nathaniel Sandalow-Ash (Swarthmore College)
Juan Sarmiento (Stanford University)
Michael Tritsch (Johns Hopkins University)