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Dunlop Men’s College Squash Final Individual Rankings for the 2013 – 2014 Season

[rankingimage]Northampton, MA — Today, the final [mir] of the 2013 – 2014 season were released.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile. The final individual rankings of the regular season and the results from the 2014 Individual Championships were blended to compile the top-100 ranked players.

In the coming days, the 2013 – 2014 Men’s College Squash Association All-American teams will be released.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Ali Farag (Harvard University)
  2. Amr Khaled Khalifa (St. Lawrence University)
  3. Ahmed Abdel Khalek (Bates College)*
  4. Ramit Tandon (Columbia University)
  5. Moustafa Bayoumy (St. Lawrence University)
  6. Nicholas Sachvie (Cornell University)
  7. Neil Cordell (Rochester, University of)
  8. Samuel Kang (Princeton University)
  9. Mario Yanez (Rochester, University of)
  10. Aditiya Jagtap (Cornell University)*
  11. Ryosei Kobayashi (Rochester, University of)
  12. Brandon McLaughlin (Harvard University)
  13. Karan Malik (Trinity College)
  14. Rishi Tandon (Columbia University)
  15. Abhishek Pradhan (Franklin and Marshall College)
  16. Tyler Osborne (Princeton University)
  17. Dylan Murray (Harvard University)*
  18. Miled Zarazua (Trinity College)
  19. Dylan Ward (Princeton University)
  20. Ahmed Hatata (Bates College)
  21. Mauricio Sedano (Franklin and Marshall College)
  22. Juan Vargas (Trinity College)
  23. Albert Shoihet (Western Ontario)*
  24. James Van Staveren (Western Ontario)
  25. Vrishab Kotian (Trinity College)
  26. Gary Power (Harvard University)*
  27. Nigel Koh (Harvard University)
  28. Noah Browne (Amherst College)
  29. Neil Martin (Yale University)
  30. Sam Fenwick (Yale University)
  31. Zachary Leman (Yale University)*
  32. Thomas Dembinski (Yale University)*
  33. Charles Cutler (Franklin and Marshall College)
  34. KahWah Cheong (Yale University)
  35. Bryan Koh (Harvard University)
  36. Ryan Todd (Cornell University)*
  37. Nicholas Hopcroft (Harvard University)*
  38. Liam McClintock (Yale University)*
  39. Cole Osborne (Franklin and Marshall College)
  40. Alexander Arjoon (Franklin and Marshall College)*
  41. Zeyad Elshorfy (Trinity College)*
  42. Karm Kumar (Rochester, University of)
  43. Pedro Almeida (Franklin and Marshall College)
  44. Tom Mullaney (Harvard University)*
  45. Christopher Jung (Dartmouth College)
  46. Kevin Chen (Williams College)*
  47. Mohamed Abdel Maksoud (Columbia University)*
  48. Stephan Danyluk (Bowdoin College)*
  49. Rishi Jalan (Cornell University)
  50. Justin Singh (Drexel University)
  51. Blake Reinson (Brown University)
  52. Michael Thompson (Drexel University)
  53. Ibrahim Bakir (Drexel University)*
  54. John Steele (Wesleyan University)
  55. Anderson Good (St. Lawrence University)
  56. Christopher Fernandez (St. Lawrence University)
  57. Elroy Leong (Trinity College)*
  58. Tyler Olson (Harvard University)*
  59. Kevin Flannery (Cornell University)*
  60. Fletcher Pease (Dartmouth College)
  61. Ibrahim Khan (St. Lawrence University)
  62. Bryan Keating (Cornell University)*
  63. Tyler Odell (Pennsylvania, University of)
  64. Nicholas Harrington (Dartmouth College)*
  65. Joshua Sekhar (Columbia University)
  66. Gustav Runersjo (Cornell University)*
  67. Kyle Ogilvy (St. Lawrence University)*
  68. William Mohr (Rochester, University of)
  69. Dylan Cunningham (Franklin and Marshall College)
  70. Rahil Fazelbhoy (Pennsylvania, University of)
  71. Michael LeBlanc (Princeton University)
  72. Charlie Wyatt (Yale University)*
  73. Parker Hurst (Middlebury College)*
  74. Ben Leizman (Princeton University)
  75. Affeeq Ismail (Trinity College)
  76. Adrian Ostbye (Western Ontario)*
  77. Eric Caine (Yale University)*
  78. Taylor Tutrone (Princeton University)*
  79. George Lemmon (Pennsylvania, University of)
  80. Taylor Foehl (Williams College)*
  81. Adam Engel (Western Ontario)*
  82. August Frank (Pennsylvania, University of)*
  83. Matthew Mackin (Trinity College)
  84. Darrius Campbell (Bates College)
  85. James Kacergis (Naval Academy, United States)
  86. Kyle Martino (Dartmouth College)*
  87. Andres de Frutos (George Washington University)
  88. Danial Saleem (Columbia University)
  89. John Lamont (Trinity College)
  90. Andrew McGuinness (Naval Academy, United States)
  91. Vir Seth (St. Lawrence University)
  92. Jamie Ruggiero (Williams College)*
  93. Liam Quinn (Pennsylvania, University of)
  94. Sebastian Riedelsheimer (St. Lawrence University)
  95. August Frank (Pennsylvania, University of)
  96. Nicolas Valderamma (George Washington University)
  97. Aditya Advani (Tufts University)
  98. Michael Mutscheller (Pennsylvania, University of)
  99. Brian Henry (Franklin and Marshall College)
  100. Duncan Maxwell (St. Lawrence University)*

Note: Players with “*” did not compete in the individual championships and are not eligible for All-American recognition.