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Dunlop Women’s College Squash Individual Rankings (2/25/2014)

[rankingimage]Northampton, MA — This weekend, the 2013 – 2014 Women’s College Squash Association Individual Championships will be played in Philadelphia at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.

The event will feature the Ramsay Cup (A Division, top 32) and the Holleran Cup (B Division, 33 – 80). Below are the individual rankings that will be used for the tournament. For the WCSA, each varsity team is guaranteed a certain number of entries into the tournament based on their team finish at team championships.

Please note that individual rankings are extremely complex and labor intensive to compile.  For this reason, only players entering the tournament have been ranked.

Listed after each player’s name is their school.

  1. Amanda Sobhy (Harvard University)
  2. Kanzy El Defrawy (Trinity College)
  3. Millie Tomlinson (Yale University)
  4. Anaka Alankamony (Pennsylvania, University of)
  5. Maria Elena Ubina (Princeton University)
  6. Danielle C Letourneau (Cornell University)
  7. Catalina Pelaez (Trinity College)
  8. Haley Mendez (Harvard University)
  9. Elizabeth Eyre (Princeton University)
  10. Kimberley Hay (Yale University)
  11. Jesse Pacheco (Cornell University)
  12. Yan Xin Tan (Pennsylvania, University of)
  13. Anna Kimberley (Trinity College)
  14. Haidi Lala (Pennsylvania, University of)
  15. Nicole S. Bunyan (Princeton University)
  16. Shihui Mao (Yale University)
  17. Anna G. Porras (George Washington University)
  18. Issey Norman-Ross (Yale University)
  19. Courtney B. Jones (Pennsylvania, University of)
  20. Rachel Leizman (Princeton University)
  21. Michelle A Gemmell (Harvard University)
  22. Alexandra K. Lunt (Princeton University)
  23. Michelle Wong (Pennsylvania, University of)
  24. Jenny Scherl (Yale University)
  25. Nessrine Ariffin (Bates College)
  26. Madeleine M. Gill (Stanford University)
  27. Camille I. Lanier (Pennsylvania, University of)
  28. Hallie Dewey (Princeton University)
  29. Breanne Flynn (George Washington University)
  30. Natalie Babjukova (Trinity College)
  31. Sachika Balvani (Trinity College)
  32. Carey L. Celata (Pennsylvania, University of)
  33. Alexandra R Sawin (Princeton University)
  34. Gwendoline C Tilghman (Yale University)
  35. Colette Sultana (Columbia University)
  36. Zandra Ho (Stanford University)
  37. Shiyuan Mao (Yale University)
  38. Chloe H. Blacker (Pennsylvania, University of)
  39. Alexandra M. Toth (Princeton University)
  40. Nina K. Scott (Dartmouth College)
  41. Serena M. Fagan (Stanford University)
  42. Lindsay M. Seginson (Cornell University)
  43. Rachel TL Scherman (Cornell University)
  44. Annie Y Ballaine (Yale University)
  45. Jillian Baker (St. Lawrence University)
  46. Jacqueline A. Barnes (Dartmouth College)
  47. Grace Van Arkel (Columbia University)
  48. Melina C Turk (Dartmouth College)
  49. Catherine C. Jenkins (Columbia University)
  50. Ailsa B. Agnew (Pennsylvania, University of)
  51. Chanel Erasmus (Trinity College)
  52. Tara Harrington (Princeton University)
  53. Alexis A. Saunders (Princeton University)
  54. Randima Ranaweera (Mount Holyoke College)
  55. Maya Patel (Columbia University)
  56. Maria Alejandra Porras (George Washington University)
  57. Dori H. Rahbar (Brown University)
  58. Damindhi Udangawa (Drexel University)
  59. Myriam Kelly (Bates College)
  60. Sherouk Khefagy (Mount Holyoke College)
  61. Sarah Domenick (Brown University)
  62. Mina Shakarshy (Brown University)
  63. Mary S. Fung-A-Fat (Drexel University)
  64. Leah N. Barnet (Columbia University)
  65. Katherine Nimmo (Dartmouth College)
  66. Rachel J. Newman (Hamilton College)
  67. Emily Caldwell (Franklin and Marshall College)
  68. Elisabeth Money (Drexel University)
  69. Hilary M Gray (Hamilton College)
  70. Mary E Foster (Wesleyan University)
  71. Emily Terry (St. Lawrence University)
  72. Paget G. Stanco (Tufts University)
  73. Katrina Intal (Mount Holyoke College)
  74. Maria Diagama (Drexel University)
  75. Marina F Crowe (MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology))
  76. Caroline Nightingale (Haverford College)
  77. Samantha Rosado (Mount Holyoke College)
  78. Bethany Simmonds (Haverford College)
  79. Alex Love (Haverford College)