College Squash Reminders (9/29/2013)


On Sunday, the e-mail below was sent to coaches and team contacts:

Coaches, Team Contacts, and SIDs,

Here are a few reminders….

1. Team Previews (LAST CALL – DUE OCTOBER 4TH): We are in the process of drafting team previews. If you have not submitted the responses for your team, please do so. We will only publish previews for teams that respond by October 4th. Information about graduates and incoming players is used in the preseason rankings, so if you do not respond, we will assume your team will be weaker than it was last season. Additionally, you will be unable to appeal your preseason ranking based on new players.

2. Squash Ball Orders: Please support the CSA by ordering squash balls through from the association.

3. Club Program Questions: I’ve received several questions from club teams on the eligibility of graduate students and the official beginning of the regular season. As a reminder, Club and Emerging programs may not have graduate students participate in official college squash competitions. The regular season officially commences on October 15th. Matches played prior to October 15th are exhibition matches only and will not count toward the minimum qualifications for Team Championships.

4. Team Schedule Submission: If they have not already done so, all college coaches should now submit their 2013-2014 match schedule to be entered into the CSA league schedule online. Coaches should submit their team’s schedules to for entry. All submissions should include the match date, time, opponent, and whether the match is home, away, or at a third venue.

5. Team Roster Entry: The 2013-2014 CSA league is now posted online and available for CSA coaches to update their rosters for the upcoming season. To update your team roster, log on to your account and click on the “manage roster” tab. Then add any new players and remove any that are no longer playing for your team.

6. Intercollegiate Doubles Championships Registration: The Intercollegiate Doubles Championships will be held October 11-13 in Philadelphia, PA. The tournament will be hosted by the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and the Germantown Cricket Club. To register for the tournament, please click here to visit the tournament site.