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2013 Men’s College Squash Association National Team Championships Brackets

College Squash AssociationNorthampton, MA — Below are the brackets for the 2013 Men’s National Team Championships, which are being played this weekend, February 22nd – 24th. Matches will be played at Yale University and Wesleyan University, Choate Rosemary Hall, and the Hopkins School.

This year there will be 57 teams participating in eight divisions: Potter Cup (A Division), Hoehn Cup (B Division), Summers Cup (C Division), Conroy Cup (D Division), Chaffee Cup (E Division), Serues Cup (F Division), and Hawthorn Cup (G Division).

Princeton University will be looking to defend its National Championship with a Potter Cup victory.

Visit CollegeSquashAssociation.com throughout the weekend for frequent updates related to the tournament.

Attractions and Restaurants: For area attractions and restaurant listings, please visit Yale’s dining and culture site.

Parking: For information on parking, please refer to the Coaches’ Information Sheet.

Coaches’ Meeting: Friday, 8:00 PM at the Courtyard Marriott.

Parking Info: Due to continuing challenges presented by snow accumulation from winter storm Nemo, parking in New Haven will be extremely limited this weekend. Much of New Haven and surrounding region received more than 30 inches of snow.

Teams can walk to the Brady Squash Center at Yale from either the Courtyard Marriott or Omni Hotel, and teams coming into the city from other hotels will need to park in designated New Haven indoor parking garages. In addition, there is effectively no street parking available near the gym, so all teams, parents, and fans will need to park in designated covered garages in New Haven that are walking distance from the courts. Covered garage locations are available at nhparking.com. Parking will not be available at the Brady Squash Center throughout the weekend.

Additionally, please note that there is a full ban on any street parking in New Haven from Thursday evening to early Friday morning. New Haven police will be ticketing and towing cars not abiding by this ban. Again, all vehicles should use hotel garages or designated public indoor garages around the city.

Teams should allot extra time to arrive at the facility so that all matches can begin on time as scheduled. Matches will not be postponed or delayed due to travel restrictions.

The CSA asks that all coaches and players communicate this information to spectators and fans from their schools. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes teams, and wish everyone safe travels.

Sportsmanship and Refereeing at Team Championships: There will be professional referees at the 2013 Men’s National Team Championships. Coaches, please review the Sportsmanship and Refereeing at Team Championships article with your team prior to competition.

Award Ceremony: This season, the post season awards will be distributed before the final matches of the tournament. There will be no separate awards ceremony.

Marking and Refereeing: Please note that for each match, the lower ranked team will referee the odd matches, while the higher ranked team will referee the evens.


Court Key (Link is for Directions): Yale = Yale University (Court Map), Wesleyan = Wesleyan University, Hopkins = The Hopkins School, Choate = Choate Rosemary Hall

2013 Potter Cup (A Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Rochester, 5-4 St. Lawrence, 5-4 St. Lawrence Trinity (1) Trinity, 8-1 Trinity, 7-2  Trinity, 6-3
St. Lawrence (8)
 Cornell Cornell (5) Yale, 7-2
Yale (4)
Rochester, 6-3  Rochester Harvard (3) Harvard, 6-3  Harvard, 5-4
Rochester (6)
 F&M Franklin & Marshall (7)  Princeton, 8-1
Princeton (2)

3-4 Playoff: Princeton d. Yale, 6-3
7-8 Playoff: F&M d. Cornell, 5-4

2013 Hoehn Cup (B Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Bates, 5-4  Penn, 7-2  Brown Dartmouth (9)  Dartmouth, 8-1 Western Ontario, 5-4 Western Ontario, 7-2
Brown (16)
 Penn Western Ontario (13) Western Ontario, 8-1
Penn (12)
Bates, 5-4  Navy Columbia (11)  Columbia, 6-3 Williams, 6-3
Navy (14)
 Bates Bates (15)  Williams, 6-3
Williams (10)

11-12 Playoff: Dartmouth d. Columbia, 7-2
15-16 Playoff: Navy d. Brown, 7-2

2013 Summers Cup (C Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Amherst, 5-4 Amherst,5-4  Conn College Middlebury  (17) Middlebury, 7-2  Middlebury, 8-1 Middlebury, 7-2
Conn College (24)
 Amherst Bowdoin (21) Bowdoin, 6-3
Amherst (20)
Drexel, 8-1  Drexel Drexel (19)  Wesleyan, 5-4 Wesleyan, 5-4
Wesleyan (22)
 Hamilton Hamilton (23)  George Washington, 5-4
George Washington (18)

19-20 Playoff: George Washington d. Bowdoin, 5-4
23-24 Playoff: Conn College d. Hamilton, 5-4

2013 Conroy Cup (D Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Hobart, 5-4 Tufts, 9-0  Tufts Colby (25) Colby, 6-3  Colby, 8-1  Stanford, 5-4
Tufts (32)
 Haverford Georgetown (29) Georgetown, 9-0
Haverford (28)
Hobart, 7-2  Johns Hopkins Bucknell (27)  Bucknell, 6-3 Stanford, 9-0
Johns Hopkins (30)
 Hobart Hobart (31) Stanford, 6-3
Stanford (26)

27-28 Playoff: Bucknell d. Georgetown, 5-4
31-32 Playoff: Johns Hopkins d. Haverford, 9-0

2013 Chaffee Cup (E Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
 Washington St. Louis, 5-4  Washington St. Louis, 6-3  Washington St. Louis Boston College (33) Boston College, 6-3  Boston College, 6-3 Boston College, 6-3
Washington St. Louis (40)
 Colgate Colgate (37)  Virginia, 8-1
Virginia (36)
MIT, 8-1  Washington Boston University (35)  Boston University,  5-4 Boston University, 5-4
Washington (38)
 MIT Denison (39)  Denison, 5-4
MIT (34)

35-36 Playoff: Denison d. Virginia, 5-4
39-40 Playoff: Colgate d. Washington, 6-3

2013 Serues Cup (F Division)

Live Results

Con Final Con Semi Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
Swarthmore, 6-3 USC, 6-2  USC NYU (41)  NYU, 8-1 NYU, 5-4 NYU, 9-0
USC (48)
 Fordham Fordham (45)  Northeastern, 7-1
Northeastern (44)
Swarthmore,6-3  Swarthmore Lehigh (43) Lehigh, 6-3 Lehigh, 5-4
Swarthmore (46)
 Bryant Northwestern (47)  Northwestern, 6-3
Bryant (42)

43-44 Playoff: Northeastern d. Northwestern, 7-2
47-48 Playoff: Bryant d. Fordham, 5-3

2013 Hawthorn Cup (G Division)

Live Results


  • Siena d. Illinois Springfield, 7-2
Consolation Teams 1st Rd Semifinal Final
 Minnesota Cal Berkeley (49) Cal Berkeley, 8-1 Cal Berkeley, 7-2 Charleston
Minnesota (57)
Notre Dame Bard (53) Bard, 5-4
Notre Dame (52)
 Vassar Vassar (51)  Ithaca, 7-2 Charleston, 7-2
Ithaca (54)
Siena Siena (55)  Charleston, 7-2
Charleston (50)

51-52 Playoff: Bard d. Ithaca, 5-4

Round Robin:

  • Notre Dame d. Illinois Springfield, 8-1
  • Vassar d. Siena, 6-3
  • Minnesota d. Illinois Springfield, 6-3
  • Notre Dame d. Vassar, 7-2
  • Vassar d. Minnesota, 6-3
  • Notre Dame d. Siena, 7-2
  • Vassar d. Illinois Springfield, 8-1
  • Minnesota d. Siena, 5-4
  • Notre Dame d. Minnesota, 7-2