Tufts Names McManus to Head Squash Program


Medford, MA — Tufts University has announced that Joe McManus will be the head squash coach for both the men’s and women’s varsity programs.

McManus’ name may be familiar to squash fans. He founded the Pro Squash Tour in 2009. ¬†In addition to his new duties at Tufts, he will continue to serve as the commissioner of the Pro Squash Tour.

Prior to coaching at Tufts, he held prep school squash coaching positions at the Groton School (boys’ coach) and Concord Academy (girls’ coach).

McManus is the only new varsity coach this season. Several club programs have new coaches this season as well. California Berkeley men will be coached by former Dartmouth assistant Busani Xaba, Denison hired Walt Thieman, and Washington (St. Louis) will be coached by Mike Puertas.